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UPAINT 2023: the most popular Urban Painting Festival is back under Monaco's sun & Metaverse.

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Urban Painting is definitely an inspiring expression of human creativity increasingly developed by art talents operating worldwide. When this artistic gift combines with the environmental message within the glamorous setting of the Principality, that creates something truly unique and special. UPAINT, latest brand coming from the iconic Urban Painting Around the World (UPAW) festival is about to kick off it its new location at the renovated Larvotto Promenade from the 4th unit the 7th June 2023 to welcome all visitors and passersby from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Photos >> 1. Official poster of UPAINT 2023 and 2. Auction Registration form © UPAINT.

Born in 2013 from the idea of Alberto Colman, actor, producer and radio commentator, this kermesse, under the patronage of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (PA2F), is now in its seventh edition. Twelve international street artists will be performing live over four days to unveil their outcomes to be auctioned by Hôtel des Ventes de Monte-Carlo as well as via and for a sustainable cause dear to the Sovereign Prince's Foundation. The proceed will support the Re.Generation Future Leaders Program, a new initiative by PA2F prone to encourage young experts and talents (a selected group of ten under-35 candidates) to express themselves in the field of environment protection.

Photo >> UPAINT 2023 can be visited also in its VR version withi The Monaco Metaverse by DWorld © UPAINT.

This year's contest is also projected into the future through a forward-facing virtual reality version in The Monaco Metaverse by DWorld, the first VR twin model corresponding to the whole Principality, including Larvotto district for the occasion. Visitors from all over the world will therefore be able to go around the paintings and interact with the artists.

Protagonists of this edition have various nationalities, as in the best tradition. Notably:

Mon Devane (Spain) @mondevane >> urban artist from Ourense, using spray paint as the main tool. Grounded on graffiti roots, he achieved his own style focused on photorealistic and monochrome portraits.

One Truth Bros (Switzerland) @onetruth_graffiti >> Pase and Dr. Drax (brothers) started with street art and urban art in late 1990's, gradually moving from works on canvas to urban painting. They are now fully recognisable for their unique style resulting from their imagery with a special focus on iconic dogs. Awarded in many international contests, they usually collaborate for city governments and multinational corporations.

Martin Whatson (Norway) @martinwhatson >> Norwegian street artist, best known for his calligraphic scribbles on the grey scale. Over the past decade, Martin has developed an unmistakable aesthetic combining abstract movement with figurative stencil-made compositions to recreate the urban environment and its vibrant transformations.

Hama Wood (Norway) @hamawoods >> stencil artist based in Oslo deeply involved in the respect for nature and its connection to humanity. She is constantly looking for new ways of communicating the essential role played by Nature.

Lula Goce (Spain) @lulagoce >> born in Galicia, she grew up in Salamanca and then Barcelona where she perfected her art sturdies. She is often influenced by the salty coastal air and the marine environment of the Spanish most beautiful beaches.

Stom500 (France) @stom500 >> fond of spray, brushes, acrylics, large murals and small canvases. He tests many tools and styles with a particular preference for wild fauna to convey a humanistic or ecologic message.

Woskerski (UK) @WOSKerski >> London-based muralist who has been painting since 1997. His style is a blend of street art and fine art with graffiti influences, conceiving surreal representations of reality interpreted with irony and humour.  He is used to depict his characters with vibrant colours in all his works, notably: portraits, graffiti, food illustration, typography, abstract art, digital illustration and more.

Iéna Cruz (Italy/USA) @ienacruz >> stage name of Federico Massa, Brooklyn-based artist from Milan, been internationally considered as a skilled large scale mural artist developing an out-of-the-ordinary style mixing conventional and non conventional media. He is fond of expressing a message on nature preservation and social-environmental justice issues like climate change.

Rylsee (Germany) @rylsee >> the Swiss Artist, Berlin based, performs in different form of art, such as graffiti, graphic design, hand lettering and an innovative approach to typography. He always refers to everyday life as well as his passion for skateboarding, committed to make people smile.

Nils Inne (France) @nilsinne >> originally from Nice, he soon moved to the Basque Coast where he found himself both as skateboarder and skilled artist in the footstep of an instinctive passion. His production comes directly from his strong capacity for imagination, giving life to unpredictable architectures, characters and colours.

Lord Anthony Cahn (France) @lord_anthony_cahn >> constantly inspired by both existing places or memories of travel experience, the artist pushes us to find new dimensions made of unprecedented environments expressing modern poetry. Each wall is unique and gives us the impression of a photograph of our society, frozen under the artist's gaze.

Mr One Teas (Monaco) @mroneteas >> loyal participant to this festival since its first editions, he is inspired by his every-day experiences. He is used to reusing unusual materials and objects of the global consumerism to send meaningful messages on topical political, social and environmental issues.

UPAINT will also be addressed to next generation talents under the umbrella of the “Street Art Challenge Junior” that will involve once again Monaco’s high school students’.

Photo >> Futura and the other artists attending the 2022 edition of UPAINT (Terrasses du Casino, 20th June 2022 ) © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt
« Street art artists are currently expressing the culture of many countries in the world. Events like this represent an authentic cultural exchange and an opportunity to learn about new painting techniques », Futura (stage name for Leonard Hilton McGurr), New York artist, true legend and pioneer of abstract street art, interviewed exclusively by MONACŒCOART® during the 2022 edition.

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By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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