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Rémi Camus proves once again to be a champion in sport and life.

International press and numerous fans were just waiting to see him back in action in the extraordinary challenge of swimming from Calvi (extreme north tip of Corsica) to the Principality Monaco, just using a security GPS equipped vessel (platform) to allow him having some rest, eating and drinking as well as managing every emergency. But the wait will last still a few more months for some unforeseen motivations, as he himself explained in a live video message on his Instagram (@remi_camus_explorer) by the seaside, close to Hyères, on Saturday the 10th September 2022. Rémi Camus, French explorer, adventurer and survival trainer, explained the reasons for this program change showing his more human side that makes him always a loyal person to those who cooperate with him and support. MONACŒCOART® was there to collect some meaningful statements giving full support to its next record-breaking initiatives in defense of the environment.

Photo >> Live video message by Rémi Camus through his Instagram official page - @remi_camus_explorer

Rémi Camus highlighted:

The swim crossing Calvi-Monaco is only postponed not cancelled. We are planning to move it to June 2023. Today I have tested a little taste to reach Levant Island (Île du Levant) off the Plage du Rayol (Rayol Beach). Vincent Argillier, conceiver of this challenge (Nage Libre Azur), asked me to join the small group of participating swimmers. Weather conditions have been somewhat unfavourable (strong wind from the west and counter current), so that I had been swimming for about six hours to cover just a short distance. No problem.

The important thing for me was to be there. I found it a nice initiative that allowed me to bounce back to a positive mood after the initial disappointment for failing to complete the project I had planned for this month. This allowed me to clear my head.

Every step faced in these last two years with my collaborators, notably the physical and mental preparation as well as the administrative part, networking and communication & media, have not been in vain. At my side, in fact, more than sixty people are being working on the project.

I am referring also to all sponsors, medical support and the educational program addressed to students. Finally, Guillaume, skilled skipper of the sailboat and conceiver of the surviving platform, had a bike accident with some complications while he was on holidays, ten days before the scheduled departure. Very sorry for what happened, I immediately worked to find a replacement capable of giving me confidence. I realized then that it took time to evaluate the skills. The stress accumulated from all this led me to make a tough decision, considering all time and energy spent to be ready. I was no longer mentally ready to face the crossing by sea!

I had to be sure to be followed by someone who could support me in the case of every possible unexpected circumstance as the adverse weather conditions I have just tested. I do love swimming, I do love explore particularly countries with warmer climate, like Australia or the Amazonian rainforest, but I always put security first for me and for those associated with me.

Luckily, all contacts involved and permissions required will be useful for the next swimming adventure. Moreover, all partners have confirmed their full support and the environment will be the main mission. Everyone is involved in the preserving the marine ecosystem and I will continue to support the cause. The Mediterranean Sea is apparently wonderful on the surface but when you approach the big cities by the sea you find all kinds of human waste in the seabed, from large household appliances to tyres, plastic bottles etc. Every country facing the Mediterranean has its own responsibility in fighting the marine litter. Nevertheless, not all jurisdictions have identified this as a priority. It is therefore a big problem. From here the choice to do something related to the Mediterranean basin using an already tested marine route from the tip of Corsica. Arriving in the Principality of Monaco is evocative as well since I really appreciated the meeting I had with H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco in 2018, after the final stage of my Tour of France by Swimming. He is really committed in educating citizens towards an eco-sustainable approach.

So, I am willing to recover at best for June 2023, to send a strong signal against marine pollution. We really need to change our daily habits as soon as possible to ensure a more decent future!

Photo >> Aerial view of ocean waves - ©

To know more about Calvi-Monaco challenge by Rémi Camus please visit: The Next Exploration



By Maurice Abbati

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