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"Oceano pour Tous" project invests even more in ocean protection education.

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself", used to say John Dewey, American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer. Monaco are investing a lot in raising eco-responsibility with particular reference to new generations. A significant initiative in the field of Education and Nature Conservation has been carried out for ten years in the Principality. Conceived in 2014, the education contest "Oceano pour Tous" (Ocean for All), sponsored by TotalEnergies Foundation, results from the synergy among the Oceanographic Museum, the Princess Charlene Foundation as well as the Monegasque and the French National Education. The main target of this initiative is to boost the willingness to preserve marine ecosystems through the involvement of the youngest who will be the heirs of the planet earth of tomorrow. The project aims at putting into practice a shared action, creative and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Photo >> Chemin Morin College for Oceano pour Tous © Oceano Monaco

The emphasis is put on the essential role of oceans and related living beings that act as driving forces to provide food, mitigate extreme climate phenomena and guarantee biodiversity to survive. Unfortunately, "the Ocean is currently under attack" mostly generated by us, human beings. Thus, it is urgent to protect his role. Eco-awareness starts then from an early stage and it can really change habits though a step-by-step process addressed to facilitate the understanding of complex issues. As for the 2022-2023 academic year, the Oceanographic Institute is promoting an in-depth full immersion to the discovery of the marine world to be preserved for future generations. The ocean must be considered a heritage of all capable to encourage the well-being and the proper natural balance. The Oceanographic Institute widens the target audience to support more than 600 students. Originally intended for primary classes from the PACA region (Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur), the focus has recently extended to the international and Francophone overseas Countries, besides Monaco and France.

The educational support offered by the Oceanographic Institute aims at:

• understanding the role of the Ocean in climate regulation;

• analysing the impacts of human activities on the Ocean;

• enabling awareness and action on behalf of the Ocean.

Estelle Lefébure, French actress and model will be the event ambassador, as co-founder of the Spero Mare association. In this year's edition, twenty-five schools have been selected, representing more than 600 students, with particular attention to applications from schools located in Priority Education Networks (REP) and rural areas. Robert Calcagno, Director General of the Institute, stated: « Through 'Oceano pour Tous', we accompany young people in the implementation of collective projects related to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. It is about training and supporting the citizens of tomorrow in their commitment to the Ocean! ».

Photo >> Official poster of 'Oceano pour Tous' © Oceano Monaco

All participants are being assisted throughout the school year thanks to a specialised team of teachers focused on scientific and cultural mediation in order to tackle various topics. Dedicated workshops and webinars will encourage exchange of ideas, research and studies with experts of oceanography. Tiziana Caporale, head of the Institute’s Animation and Education Department, pointed out: « (...) Students can real ambassadors of the Ocean and be able to concretise their projects. We will propose innovative and interactive tools, aimed at discovering the Ocean at 360° : discovery of ecosystems and their biodiversity, understanding the role of the ocean in climate regulation and analysing the impacts of human activities ».

Students involved in the project can benefit from the use of all material produced by scientists on board the scientific vessel that attended the «Indian Ocean» mission led by the Explorations of Monaco (October- November 2022) among Reunion Island, Mauritius and the Seychelles. Finally, the Oceanographic Institute will allow students to discover the professions of the sea through workshops and media, and to be put in contact with professionals in the sector. "Oceano pour Tous" aims at contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) by investing in shared actions and social initiatives involving also students' families.

Photo >> Estelle Lefébure, French actress and model, ambassador of this year's 'Oceano pour Tous' © Oceano Monaco

All participants will spend two day in the Principality of Monaco and the best classes will be awarded two endorsements endowments of 5,000 euros for the organisation of ocean awareness activities to engage new generations and support them on a long term.

Oceano Pour Tous will offer a meaningful chance to put sustainability into practice while learning and raising eco-awareness.


To know more about Oceano pour Tous and subscribe please visit: Oceano-pour-Tous


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