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MEWS Monaco, Part 2, gave a decisive shot to make a basket for Metaverse, including Sustainability.

Metaverse Entertainment, World Summit and Awards - MEWS, at its second edition from the 3rd until the 5th May 2023, dragged the Principality in the future of present times. A winning combination of distinguished speakers, world premiers and some of the smartest minds in the VR industry debated on pivotal issues about this revolutionary ecosystem with a special window on Sustainability, in the footsteps of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco legacy, giving His High Patronage to the event.

Photo >> The kicking off the second edition of MEWS (One Monte-Carlo Congress Centre, 3rd May 2023) © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt

Within the exhibit area, the Monaco Metaverse by DWorld could be tested live making it possible to walk around the twin copy of the Principality where the iconic places of Monaco like the Monte-Carlo Casino, the Oceanographic Museum and the outcoming Mare Terra District can be seen in a futuristic urban vision and even more sustainable. Increase of city greenery and the installation of suspended monorails and energy-efficient multi-functional structures able to protect from the summer heat and generate solar energy, may be potential developments on Monegasque territory.

Photo >> MonacoEcoArt testing The Monaco Metaverse by DWorld (One Monte-Carlo Congress Centre, 3rd May 2023) © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt

During the summit, an outstanding Patton watch, exclusively designed as an out-of-the-ordinary bubble filled up with a special liquid, was launched into the Ocean of Nowhere, an innovative Metaverse platform, to pay tribute to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation focused on marine preservation.

The Backyard Farming Supply by Tate Dooley, was given the "Better World Awards" for the ability to envision a sustainable future. CEO of the homonymous advanced agriculture company based in Broomfield (Colorado, USA), Dooley has been pushing an incredible set of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) combining farming with the blockchain, notably the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse, already known as Agriculture 5.0. The main idea is that each individual will be able to cultivate, according to the needs of eating, directly at home and in full respect of natural balances avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals. All that thanks to the latest environmentally friendly high technology capable to decentralise the supply chain making it "home made".

Photo >> Opening keynote speech by Steven Saltzman, Founder of MEWS (One Monte-Carlo Congress Centre, 3rd May 2023) © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt

Steven Saltzman, Founder of MEWS and Managing Director of Advance Monaco, pointed out: « I was really excited to conceive this experience that is directly linked to tomorrow! Every single day something new comes out. To my feeling, everything in this field is constantly evolving and we are still learning. Last year, anyone talked about ChatGPT while now is the key issue. However, it is vital for us to take responsibility and use the Metaverse in a way that can be of benefit for all of us. And speakers on this stage are acting as true ambassadors of the future, having the privilege to meet them in Monaco».

Photo >> Photo >> Master Class by Nic Mitham, Founder of MEWS (One Monte-Carlo Congress Centre, 3rd May 2023) © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt

Nic Mitham, CEO & Founder of Metaversed and skilled operator, highlighted: «Basically, Metaverse is a three-dimension VR ecosystem which acts as a creative environment where avatars are playing to make it alive. They are digital representation of people that can interact each other and give life to User Generated Contents (UGC). This is a great added value: People can create stuffs and platforms. All that is pushing every month 520 million users to access the Metaverse, a population equal to United States, UK, France and half Germany». ***

Article About the 1st edition of MEWS: Can Metaverse turn into Naturverse?

To know more about Metaverse Entertainment, World Summit and Awards please visit: MEWS.


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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