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Luxe Pack Monaco cuts its ecological footprint with a business train Paris-Monaco.

The Grimaldi forum hosts one of the most innovative events in the industrial packaging sector with a particular focus on creativity and innovation. Luxe Pack Monaco, after the great success of the 34th edition in October 2023, announces an important step to strengthen its eco-reputation. A sustainable train connection for business stakeholders to reach Monaco from Paris, in order to attend the leading trade fair and conference hub for the luxury packaging industry.

Photo >> Train connection plunged in the natural landscape © MonacoEcoArt

The initiative is addressed to all professionals who want to reduce their carbon footprint* while participating in a business exhibition event. In view of the 2023 edition held from the 2nd until the 4th October at the Grimaldi Forum, the private train will carry each participant from Paris to Monaco in about six hours at the special price of 60 € per person, including breakfast, eco-friendly lunch and other onboard commodities including a set of workshops on "Destination Monaco" to highlights the related Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The environmentally friendly link is being supported by the Gouvernement Princier (Princely Government), notably the Mission pour la Transition Énergétique (Mission for the Energy Transition) and the Direction du Tourisme et des Congrès de la Principauté (Monaco's Directorate of Tourism and Congresses).

The idea came out as a testing phase to be reiterated in 2024, including the other global stages of the touring event, whether the new transport eco-responsible approach will be appreciated by the visiting delegates. Train travel produces a carbon footprint 26 times less than the air transport, as recalled by the organisers of Luxe Pack Monaco.

According to the International Energy Agency train emissions are about a fifth of those produced by air transport. It can be even lower if we refer to electric trains fuelled by renewable sources or from nuclear power. A recent Greepeace report (2021) reaffirmed the idea that major European air links can be replaced by train provided that the nodal system becomes more efficient and more frequent.

Photo >> Greenpeace Report's cover page © Greenpeace
  • 51 (34 %) of the 150 busiest flight routes in the EU can be made by train in under six hours.

  • 73 (29 %) of the 250 busiest flights in Europe (EU, Norway, Switzerland and UK) can be made by train in under six hours.

  • 41 (27%) of the 150 busiest EU flights have direct night trains alternatives in 2021.

  • For 81 million European air passengers, trains under 6 hours are available.

European passengers mindset is not yet fully ready to consider the train as a valid alternative to the airport for crucial routes in the European continent. Things are changing based on new investments on high-speed train lines on strategic routes like from Paris towards Vienna, Amsterdam and Zurich and from Brussels towards Netherlands, Hannover and Berlin, up to Prague. China is among the countries that are funding rail systems to achieve 38 thousand kilometers, being operative by 2025. ***

* Parameter used to estimate greenhouse gas emissions caused by a product service, organisation, event or individual, generally expressed in tonnes of CO2 equivalent.


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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