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UBS Optimus Foundation, UBS Monaco and FPA2 combine forces to heighten the Pelagos Sanctuary.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has long been at the forefront of preserving marine biodiversity around the world considered vital to our amazing Blue Planet. On the 30th September 2022 a further step has been taken to make the action plan more effective on site, after a two-day event at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel. The Sovereign Prince of Monaco joined with UBS Optimus Foundation, philanthropic association aimed at combatting climate change by fostering sustainable land use and marine habitats preservation, and UBS Monaco banking group to promote a solid climate action plan centred on mitigation and adaptation through the safeguarding of coastal and marine ecosystems. The reinforcement of marine protected areas and the extension of no-take zones will be main pillars of the multi-tasking initiative as well as operations to restore coastal environments. Emblematic species like marina mammals will be on the spotlight of awareness-raising campaigns widely involving local communities.

Photo >> H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco with (from left to right): Olivier Wenden, Vice-President of the FPA2, Country Head at UBS Monaco, and Suzanne Gallon, Scientific Manager at MedPan (Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel, 30th September 2022) - © Ludovic Arneodo FPA2

Olivier Wenden, Vice-President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2), pointed out: "Accelerating collaboration and scaling-up solutions for a greater preservation of marine species and ecosystems is vital to tackle the issue of climate change. That is why this support is so meaningful for us in our mission to progress ocean and planetary health.” Pelagos Initiatives promoted the meeting of the parties. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and UBS Optimus Foundation agreed on allocating one million euros each to finance projects favouring marine mammals and the Sanctuary itself together with the implementation of other quintessential areas in the Mediterranea Sea. All actors will push their addressees and clients to actively participate through targeted donations.

Alejandro Velez, UBS Country Head Monaco and Head FIM Europe, stated: "The Pelagos Initiative is advancing via credible and scalable solutions to protecting marine areas. Together, we can make a bigger environmental impact and, in support of this important goal, UBS have committed to add a minimum 10% match to all client and employee donations.”

Photo >> Roundtable panel moderated by Nancy Heslin, Editor in Chief of Forbes Monaco (Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel, 29th September 2022) - © Ludovic Arneodo FPA2

Pelagos Initiative & Sanctuary:

A vast marine territory extends for 87,500 km in the north of the Mediterranean between France, Principality of Monaco, Italy and Corsica. Its name expresses the very essence of the sea, πέλαγος (pelagos) in Ancient Greek, identifying the preferred area for thousands of marine cetaceans as dolphins, cachalots and fin whales. The extraordinary underwater life, meadows of seagrass and coral reefs located along the coastline make the waters full of nutrients. The Pelagos Sanctuary was therefore ratified in Rome on November the 25th 1999 through a specific agreement among France, Italy and Monaco gathered in putting in place jointly coordinated actions to protect cetaceans and their territories.

All that led more recently to the creation of the Pelagos Initiative launched in 2021 under the impulse of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the WWF, the IUCN, MedPAN and PA2F. It implies supporting and promoting of interstate research collaboration; favouring of eco-awareness campaigns; encouraging joint activities within the various Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) plus raising funds and supporting appropriate calls for proposals. ***

To know more about Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation place visit: FPA2

To know more about Pelagos Sanctuary please visit: Pelagos Sanctuary

To know more about the UBS Optimus Foundation please visit: UBS Optimus Foundation

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