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The Principality of Monaco promoting agri-food systems pro climate mitigation at FAO's 174th Session.

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

The Principality of Monaco attended the 174th session of the Council of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) held in Rome from the 4th to the 8th December 2023. Monaco's delegation shared the point of view of the members of the European Union on key issues about the food and agriculture situation, the major challenges to be faced, the current and future activities of the Organisation and the commitment of the various FAO committees. The high-level meeting, considered as an executive body, is an integral part of the annual rotation between the 49 member states. The Italian summit marked a remarkable stage, gathering for the first time all FAO representatives, including regional, sub-regional, national and liaison offices.

Referring to the concurrent debate at COP28 in Dubai, QU Dongyu, FAO Director-General, pointed out the pivotal role of agri-food systems to help fighting climate change. In particular, he invited FAO representatives to implement horizontal networks by developing stronger intercontinental cooperation to provide exchange of ideas.

The event focused on key areas, including business management, human resources, digital FAO, governance, communications, multilingualism, as well as the safety and well-being of staff.

Member States debated also of global crises and conflicts while establishing the budgetary priorities for the period 2024-2025. In this framework, FAO Council approved the creation of a new «Bureau of Youth and Women» to highlight the sustainable transformation of agri-food systems. A world preview at the United Nations.

This 174th session was characterised by a targeted decision on the situation in Gaza, calling for a prolonged humanitarian truce in order to achieve the cessation of hostilities to deal with the dramatic humanitarian context in the area by allowing the safe access to essential goods and services to the civilian population. The Council also requested by resolution the ceasefire of the war in Ukraine, considering that Country also under the aspect of an essential agricultural and energy hub. ***


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing


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