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The Principality of Monaco proactively involved in the closure of COP28.

Updated: May 20

The Principality of Monaco expressed its voice in the final phase of the 2023 United Nations Climate Change, internationally known as COP28, which was crucial for the achievement of agreements among the participating States. Isabelle Berro-Amadeï, Government Advisor and Minister of External Relations and Cooperation, visited Dubai from the 8th until the 10th December 2023 to attend the ministerial segment of the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties, together with an official delegation made of Patrick Rolland, Assistant to the Director of the Environment, Chrystel Chanteloube and Carl Dudek, respectively Head of Section and Editor in the Department of External Relations and Cooperation, . In particular, she has represented Monaco at various high-level events including a Ministerial Roundtable on Mitigation and a Ministerial Dialogue on Long-Term Climate Finance. In this context, she stressed how the Principality

is involved in reducing greenhouse gas emissions while supporting Developing Countries in implementing the Paris Agreement by the will of the Gouvernement Princier.

The Minister of External Relations and Cooperation reaffirmed Monaco's full support to marine ecosystems preservation, reaffirming the crucial role of the oceans in containing the effects of Climate Change, on the basis of a close relationship among climate, ocean and biodiversity crises.

Moreover, the Principality of Monaco has joined declarations and initiatives, promoting its roles as liaison between climate issues and peace keeping as well as between climate change and the state of health of human beings connected with the natural environment. Monaco has also signed the advocacy on energy efficiency and renewable energies in order to triple the global renewable energy capacity by 2030 and double the global energy efficiency rate. Finally, Isabelle Berro-Amadeï endorsed the Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture to fuel funding for food system adaptation, currently in a decreasing phase.

Photo >> Sultan Al Jaber, President of COP28 at the final stage of Conference of the Parties © COP28

COP28 achieved significant results in its final stages on Wednesday the 13th December 2023, after two weeks of intense negotiations. Among the major achievements, we can recall:

  • the implementation plan of the Loss and Damage Fund addressed to the most vulnerable countries affected by climate change;

  • the consensus on the adoption of the first Global Stocktake of the Paris Agreement, setting out various guidelines for the follow-up to ensure the concrete accomplishment of the outcome;

  • «Transition out of fossil fuels» by 2050.



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