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The Prince Albert II Cup is about to take flight on board environmentally friendly balloons.

A new milestone is going to be achieved under the aegis of the Principality of Monaco. The Aeronauts Club of Monaco, Association focused on pilot training, has been working on a unique sport competition for a long time. The Prince Albert II Cup is the outcome. An exclusive event involving ten teams from six Countries on board ecological hot-air balloons that will take off from a set of iconic places in Monaco to cross the Italian Alps over 6,000 metres, in a one-day challenge up to Piedmont. Departures will take place in a period between February and the end of April 2024, according to the weather conditions.

Photo >> The hot-air balloons challenges by Monaco's Aeronauts Club © Les Aéronautes de Monaco

This contest, supported by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, is a real novelty in the Monegasque annual programme of events. Monaco's Red and White balloon will bring up the highest values of innovation, circular economy, sport and nature-conservation which identify the Principality.

Photo >> Official Banner of Monaco's Aeronauts of Monaco © Les Aéronautes de Monaco

Alain Cruteanschii, President of Monaco's Aeronauts Club and skilled pilot, pointed out: « The primary objective is to highlight the Sovereign's responsible ecological policy. The idea was born five years ago, when we imagined the creation of an ecological hot-air balloon under the colours of Monaco. We presented it to the Sovereign Prince who was delighted with the initiative. The dream has become true ». Cruteanschii's willing to create an air transport with low environmental impact started in early 1990's when he conceived RESPACE, the first hot-balloon travel company.

Photo >> Possible take-off points in the Principality according to weather conditions © Direction de la Communication

After the taking off, the whole journey is expected to last for three or four hours based on the local weather. Thus, all teams will be in close contact with Win de Troyer, the meteorologist in charge of the race, while fully respecting the environment. The Monaco Balloon competition, in fact, is meant to convey a prior ecological message. A double-envelope structure makes hot-air balloons more sustainable by reducing heat loss and saving up to 70% of fuel. The nacelle, made of titanium and other mixed materials, makes the structure lighter, up to 100 kg less than conventional. Moreover, the biofuel from catalysing waste is able to lower CO2 emissions up to 60%.

The first edition of Prince Albert II Cup will raise our gaze to new flight horizons.***

To know more about the Aeronauts Club of Monaco please visit: Les Aéronautes de Monaco


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By Maurice Abbati

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