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Monaco Government, SEPM and SMA united to cut down marine litter.

Monaco takes a step towards a more sustainable management of its territorial waters.

The Gouvernement Princier, in partnership with the Société d'Exploitation des Ports de Monaco (SEPM) and the Société Monégasque d'Assainissement (SMA), has just announced the installation of 42 waste baskets to be integrated to the storm water drainage grids directly connected to the sea, already set at the Jarlan dock in Port Hercules. The new equipment aims at strengthening measures to preserve the marine environment by reducing marine litter, with special regards to cigarette butts.

Photo >> Sea Pollution © MonacoEcoArt and

These devices, designed by Pollustock, an eco-responsible company committed to provide advanced solutions for reducing human impacts on the Ocean for both of our sakes. The installations have been strategically positioned to prevent butts from spreading to the open sea, reinforcing the great engagement of the Government and the Prince Himself in the cause of the Oceans.

The cigarettes 'end-of-life generates one of the most frequent forms of toxic plastic pollution that flow into the oceans through rivers. Once abandoned in the environment this non-biodegradable material continues to release a chemical mix of highly toxic and carcinogenic substances. According to a recent report by the UN Environment Programme (January 2024) about 350 thousand tonnes of plastic tobacco filters end up in waterways globally each year up to generate 5.3 million tonnes of cigarette butts floating freely in aquatic ecosystems.

Photo >> Awareness campaign "The Sea Begins Here" to to prevent you from throwing cigarette butts in the manholes of Monaco Ville © MonacoEcoArt

Moreover, marine animals often ingest these wastes able to cause serious damage to their health while being disruptive for the whole food chain, up to entering human diet.

To increase the effectiveness of preventive measures, SEPM implemented the presence of ashtrays in Port Hercules to encourage the butts proper disposal allowing the creation of an environmentally-friendly management of all harbour activities.

By partnering with the Société Monégasque d'Assainissement and with Pollustock, the Monaco Government and the Société d'Exploitation des Ports de Monaco join forces involving key actors focused in waste management and environmental solutions development.

The Gouvernement Princier, the Société d'Exploitation des Ports de Monaco (SEPM) and the Société Monégasque d'Assainissement (SMA) share the same objectives towards achieving a fully sustainable future while keeping the Monaco marine ecosystem healthy. ***

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By Maurice Abbati

Journalist; Editor; Communication, Media and Public Relations Specialist

Lecturer and Author in English language of Technical Articles and the Manual: "Communicating the Environment to Save the Planet, a Journey into Eco-Communication" by Springer International Publishing.

Cover page of PhD manual by Maurice Abbati

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