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The Department of the Environment calls for action in view of the European Week for Waste Reduction.

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The Sémaine Européenne de la Réduction des DéchetsSERD * European Week for Waste Reduction - EWWR is about to take shape in the Principality for its fourth edition from the 19th until the 27th November 2022. As in the past years, it will involve the entire Monegasque community in promoting environmentally friendly actions to be disseminated and benchmarked. All citizens and associations in Monaco can be spokespersons both for the general public or for specific recipients, being inspired by 3Rs cycle (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). The main theme will be Circular and Durable Textiles following the motto ‘Les déchets, c’est démodé’ (Waste is old-fashioned).

The choice of the theme is based on the assumption that the textile industry is among the most impacting at every stage of the supply chain: production, distribution, use and after-use (separate waste collection, recycling, ultimate management). A change in behaviour is necessary in order not to create irreversible consequences on Planet Earth ecosystems and the EWWR wants to leave its mark.

Photo >> Separate Waste Collection - ©

Origins of the EWWR

Since 2009, the yearly initiative, born within a Life project until 2017, is currently financed by a European Steering Committee. It aims to give life to the most popular 3Rs scheme: Reducing waste, Reusing products and Recycling materials via a paramount raising awareness campaign on waste prevention throughout Europe. Citizens, educational departments, business companies, NGOs and other associations are among the most committed actors in the cause. Every November, a large community becomes voluntarily a spokesperson for virtuous messages towards a more sustainable way of consumption under the umbrella of the circular economy mantra.

The objectives are multiple with a special focus in engaging people through concrete actions as well as creating a solid stakeholders’ network benefiting from targeted communication and training programmes. The educational initiatives include also Cleaning up campaigns to get rid of human litter in natural habitats.

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LIFE Projects

The LIFE Programme is a European Union funding instrument addressed to foster Nature, Environment and Climate Action. The main mission is to implement the European policy and legal framework aimed at protecting the environment by a specific co-financing series of projects. During the period 1992-2020, about 4,600 projects were promoted across the European Union with a total contribution of 6,5 billion Euros. European. The new phase of the programme (2021-2027) foresees an increase in budget.

To know more about the EWWR in Monaco please visit:

European Union EWWR official website:

EU LIFE Programme: LIFE



By Maurice Abbati

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