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Seas and Oceans go immersive through urban and contemporary art.

Updated: Jan 14

A charming place full of history, a few steps from the European Parliament, is about to become an artistic hub in support of the oceans cause. 'Mers & Oceans, Exposition Immersive d'art urbain & contemporain' (Seas & Oceans, Immersive exhibition of urban & contemporary art) is the latest art project within the biennale by TALK C.E.C., European cultural incubator aimed at sensitising to climate and environmental matters through artistic and cultural creativity. The showroom will be hosted from the 20th April 2023 until the 25th June 2023 in a remarkable Art Nouveau historic building, the Maison Demeuldre-Coché, giving life to an interactive space in partnership with Belgian, European and International scientific institutes. A set of conferences will animate the exhibit involving the private and the public sector to foster the putting in place of the United Nations targets within the Ocean Decade and the European mission to "Restore our Ocean and Waters" by 2030.

Photo >> Official posters of the immersive exhibition © TALK C.E.C.

Forty artists worked together several representatives of the scientific world to conceive murals accompanied by visual and sound effects and other installations. The Ocean protection cause will be linked to the enhancement of a historic site, home of a former porcelain factory specialised in the creation of architectural ceramics. This reflects the mission of Talk C.E.C. that is committed in boosting environmental issues by organising exhibitions to raise public eco-awareness and promote sustainable practices. ***

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By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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