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RIMM, 2024 edition: Natural Beauty and its Wonderful Virtues through the contemplation of the Med Gardens.

Updated: Mar 14

One of the highest-profile cultural events in the Principality of Monaco returned after two years to unveil an unprecedented in-depth study. Mediterranean Gardens are, in fact, iconic places where to contemplate the Natural Beauty, and much more. Le temps de l'Abondance, le temps des Vertus, le temps du Merveilleux (The Time of Abundance, The Time of the Virtues, the Time of Wonders) is the 2024 filrouge theme of the 12th International Monaco and Mediterranean Meeting - RIMM Rencontres Internationales Monaco et la Méditerranée, held on the 7th and the 8th March 2024 at the Oceanographic Museum under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. The biennial Symposium has been gathering the excellence of the world of Science, Archaeology, Architecture, Philosophy, Social, Economic and Environmental Sciences to debate on crucial issues which link the heritage of humanity to the contemporary era.

Elisabeth Bréaud, President of the Association Monégasque pour la Connaissance des Arts and Director of RIMM, highlighted: « From the first food crops on the banks of the Euphrates river to guarantee Homo sapiens survival, Human Beings have never ceased to defy Nature. They transformed it, they remodeled it for their needs but also for their pleasure to make it more fertile and welcoming, to embellish it in some way by creating a closed world apart that would meet their tastes : the Garden ».

Official poster of the XIIe Rencontres Internationales Monaco et la Méditerranée © RIMM 2024
«If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need» M. Tullius Cicero, Letter to Varonis.

Mediterranean gardens have always been the subject of scientific studies and research being the perfect combination between leisure and biodiversity passing through a more spiritual and inspiring dimension. This kaleidoscopic approach comes to life from iconic moments.

Photo >> Garden's waterfall © & Wix

The Time of Abundance = this is the time to intercept the water, the essential element of each garden, making us think about what is indispensable and what is superfluous, even from a metaphoric point of view. Not by chance, the aquatic element is the keystone of the Arab gardens traditionally associated to a heavenly environment. Water has always been the driving force that shapes Royal, Imperial, Princely gardens all around Europe.

Water games and waterfalls create fun and symbolism, designed to perfection by architects and landscapers up to conceive more sumptuous and poetic settings like Ferdinand Bac's gardens spread on the French Riviera in the 20th century to amaze international visitors. Les Colombières set on the slopes of the Garavan's hills, close to Menton, is a perfect example.

Photo >> The Alhambra Gardens in Granada, Spain © & Wix

The Time of Virtue = Gardens are also the privileged meeting places between botanists and native and exotic plant species, establishing a dialogue with them and searching for active medicinal ingredients. A unique place that also inspired philosophers to teach and students to learn the elements which contributed to the great human social changes, such as the Enlightenment. Thus, every iconic garden must be full of Virtues.

Photo > Elegant gardens © & Wix

The Time of Wonders = European historical gardens have always been muses of great artists following their Natural Beauty up to sublimate it in works of art. The garden becomes therefore a place of eternal wonders made of ever-green trees, flowers that never fade, fruits that never rot, in the footsteps of Botticelli's Spring.

« With the paintings of Villa di Livia (Livia Drusilla wife of Emperor Augustus) at Prima Porta (emblematic archaeological site of Rome), the garden entered the house with lush nature, the singing of birds, the sound of water in the basins depicted on the walls. A way to get close to Paradise», concluded Elisabeth Bréaud.

Photo >> Official poster of the XIIe Rencontres Internationales Monaco et la Méditerranée © RIMM 2024

The debate, officially introduced by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, developed through inspiring round tables animated by distinguished speakers led by Mounir Bouchenaki, Honorary President of RIMM, former Assistant Director-General for Culture at UNESCO, President of the ALIPH Scientific Committee, and Robert Calcagno, Director General of the Oceanographic Museum Albert I Foundation.

To know More about the 12th International Monaco and Mediterranean Meeting and the speakers please visit: RIMM 2024


By Maurice Abbati

Journalist; Editor; Communication, Media and Public Relations Specialist

Lecturer and Author in English language of Technical Articles and the Manual: "Communicating the Environment to Save the Planet, a Journey into Eco-Communication" by Springer International Publishing.

Cover page of PhD manual by Maurice Abbati

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