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RAMOGE frees back into Nature the best photos 'The Man and the Sea'.

It is certainly one of the most significant annual photographic competitions held in Monaco, proposing themes of nature conservation with special regard to marine ecosystems. The idea, in fact, is to allow amateurs photographers or professionals to convey messages of wonder in observing oceans' biodiversity as well as denouncing human actions that put natural balances at serious risk. The RAMOGE photographic contest "L'Homme et la Mer" (The Man and the Sea) was launched on the 19th May 2022 to collect visuals until the 30th September 2022, under the auspices of the Fédération Internationale d’Art Photographique - FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art).

The last year's edition was a great success, involving aout 600 photographers from 65 different countries. The final result was a set of 3,370 photos submitted to the judgement of the technical jury. The top-twelve winning shots are being exposed, from the 23rd until the 26th February 2023, in the pleasant context of Saint Martin's gardens in Monaco Ville, on the way to the Oceanographic Museum. The display has the support of the Direction des Affaires Culturelles and the Direction de l’Aménagement Urbain (Directorate of Cultural Affairs and Urban Planning) of Monaco Government.

Photo >> Open-air exhibition of RAMOGE's international photography contest (Saint Martin's Gardens, Monaco Ville) © Accord RAMOGE

The initiative reaffirms the technical role played by the International Agreement that provides scientific, technical and administrative cooperation among France, Italy and the Principality of Monaco in order to keep in force protection and preservation measures operating in the area between Marseille and La Spezia. The area includes the most relevant Sanctuary of Cetaceans of the whole Mediterranean Basin which has always been at the heart of the Princely Family and pushed H.S.H. Prince Rainier III to launch the joint intergovernmental collaboration, as a major developing tool of the Barcelona Conference about the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution (1976).

Photo >> Information panel about RAMOGE's international photography contest (Saint Martin's Gardens, Monaco Ville) © Accord RAMOGE

After the success of other open air showrooms in Monaco Ville, the travelling exhibition in direct contact with Mediterranean and exotic nature, retraces the categories of this edition: 1. “Free Topic”; 2. “Man and the Sea”; 3. “RAMOGE zone” and 4. “Youth”, dedicated to photographers under the age of 21. The three best photographs were selected by a qualified jury of international renown figures, notably: Ricardo Busi, President of the FIAP, Sergio Pitamitz, 'Environmental Photojournalist of the Year' - NPPA, 2016) and Greg Lecoeur, "Nature Photographer of the year” - National Geographic, 2016.

Winning List per Category


🥇"Bowled over" by Udayan Sankar Pal, India

🥈"Stokksnes in love - Stokksnes, Islandia" by Rodrigo Núñez Buj, Spain.

🥉"Father and Son" by Mrinal Sen, India.


🥇"Silver fury - Llanes, España" by Rodrigo Núñez Buj, Spain.

🥈"Triathletes" by Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz, Spain.

🥉"Rastros del Mar - L'Escala, Girona" by Antonio Garballo Barrionuevo, Spain


🥇"Manarola in the storm-Manarola SP - 2.10.2020" by Giuseppe Tomelleri, Italy.

🥈"Smash" by Ruggero Bruno, Italy.

🥉"Fishing with net - Albenga" by Stefano Maccari, Italy.


🥇"A Family [inle]" by Aung Khant Kyaw Pyae Aung, Myammar.

🥈"Man and Sea" by Noof Alsiyabi, Oman.

🥉"Tabuik Pariaman" by Kyra Modesty, Indonesia.


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By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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