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Monaco Yacht Show 2023: an edition with full sails towards blue economy.

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

It is definitely an unmissable event for world yachting a few steps from the most inconceivable places in the Principality of Monaco. The Monaco Yacht Show - MYS, at its 32th edition, developed a world-wide attention for its entire duration, from the 27th until the 30th September 2023. A winning outcome for the organisers who are fully committed to reach carbon neutrality within the Monaco's gradual decarbonisation strategy. Reducing of half of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 while cutting CO2 by 60% by 2025 , encouraging energy efficiency through investments and processes are some of the ambitious targets to be achieve in a short time. The event management is already operating on various fronts to 'hit the edge', notably eco-mobility, sustainable waste management, carbon assessment and best environmentally friendly practices to better respond to direct and indirect impacts.

Photo >> Overview on Port Hercules © Monaco Yacht Show

At the opening conference on the 27th September 2023, the participants highlighted the renewed combination between yachting & luxury and corporate responsibility, increasingly an integral part of the supply chain DNA. Various speakers, Gaëlle Tallarida (Monaco Yacht Show), Derek Munro (Divergent Yachting), Robert Van Tol (Water Revolution Foundation), and Massimo Perotti (Sanlorenzo), offered multidimensional perspective on the main themes.

The Managing Director of the Monaco Yacht Show focused the attention on the Sustainability Hub, a specific session devoted to innovation and visionary projects encouraging practical solutions. « It is not just a showcase, it is a call to action », she pointed out by adding « This hub embodies the Monaco Yacht Show's dedication to sustainability ». Debating, exchanging ideas, networking is more and more essential to doing business and the Monaco Yacht Show is being supporting a new approach of economy related to the yachting industry made of companies seriously engaged in the cause with tangible action plans and third-party certifications. .

Photo >> Aerial view of the © Monaco Yacht Show

Robert Van Tol, Executive Director at the Water Revolution Foundation, believes that the yachting ecologic transition is strongly improving through a "taking action" phase, a further step than the awareness. Technology is definitely helping the green shift. Fuel cell and methanol technologies, in particular, are playing a promising role o grant a total energy package on board the vessel. Moreover, refitting systems are allowing existing fleets to improve their carbon footprint keeping high performances.

The 2023 Monaco Yacht Show proved to live up to expectations providing evidence of ensuring logistics in the space of the famous Port Hercules, one of the most glamorous natural yachting port of the Riviera, not originally suitable for hosting such an important trade fair. A winning outcome resulting from a great skilled teamwork of about fifty people operated by HYPSOS. Moreover, the most operational management is ecology-oriented following up the signing of the Monaco's Mission for Energy Transition Pact. As for mobility, polluting vehicles are banned from all the exhibition area, counting on a free-of-charge electric shuttle. The 3R Cycle is granted by recycling materials (e.g.: reused exhibition carpets), reusable water bottles and communication tools for dissemination are distributed. Energy from renewable sources is provided to 'fuel' the show. Last but not least, various information panels ara constantly informing visitors to promote good practices in respect of common spaces and the environment.

Photo >> H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco attending the cheque delivery ceremony in the presence of Gaëlle Tallarida, Managing Director of the Monaco Yacht Show, and Olivier Wenden, Vice-President of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation © Monaco Yacht Show

To reinforce its environmentally friendly commitment, the event management has been contributing for several years to the nature cause. In the 2023 edition, the Monaco Yacht Show and the Informa Group (owner) donated a cheque of € 52,000 to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Furthermore, it acted in favour of the ice core heritage preservation within the Ice Memory programme by Grenoble Alpes University Foundation, grounded on climate mitigation through an in depth data collection from a set of glaciers worldwide.

Looking forward the next-year edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, the yachting industry is particularly active in providing eco-friendly solutions that do not undermine the standards of comfort and performance, requested by customers interested in super yachts. New trends are therefore expected in the near future. ***

To know more about the Monaco Yacht Show, please visit: MONACO YACHT SHOW


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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