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Monaco Yacht Show 2023 aims to sail towards an even more sustainable destination.

The biggest event dedicated to luxury sailing is about to come back to Monaco. The Monaco Yacht Show (MYS), at its 32nd edition, will be held at Port Hercules from the 27th until the 30th September 2023 to please International visitors, business men and private owners within one of the largest gathering of super yachts overlooking the iconic Monaco's skyline. The 2023 showroom is being developed under the umbrella of the 'Seducation' programme grounded on four main axes: environmental innovation, design, yachting understanding, and visitor experience.

Organisers aims at putting on the spotlight environmentally friendly innovation making room to the latest trends through various areas: the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub, the Sustainability Hub, the Adventure Area and the Dockside Area. A full immersion in yachting is assured counting on 120 super yachts and mega yachts together with a set of targeted conferences and exhibition areas where to meet experts and skilled stakeholders operating in the field.

Photo >> Monaco Yacht Show, 2022 edition ©

The 2023 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show will reaffirm its commitment to both manage the event sustainably through a targeted 'green commitment' and to showcase blue economy via high-tech devices and environmentally friendly practices applied to the yachting industry to facilitate the ecological transition of maritime transport. The event management accepted the challenge to engage all parties, primarily yachting industry and yacht owners, to a careful analysis of environmental performances. In fact, change can only be achieved through a holistic approach of close cooperation. The Sustainability Hub will host some novelties and direct witnesses, with the support of Siemens Energy and the supervision of the Water Revolution Foundation, major international science-driven actor with the aim to introduce a set of in-depth guidelines, assessments and tools addressed to companies which set the goal of carbon dioxide neutrality.

Photo >> Monaco Yacht Show, 2022 edition ©

>> Official poster of the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show

As a matter of fact, the yachting industry is already actively moving a sustainable way mainly thanks to the technological progress driven by increased market demand and a more consistent regulatory framework in the footsteps of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) efforts to prevent pollution and make maritime transport greener. Boosting renewable energies, reducing waste production, using alternative fuels with less consumptions and materials with reduced impacts on the environment are among the primary objectives in the supply chain. Extra related targets are increasingly included in the top list, notably: creating more marine protected areas, providing solutions to overfishing, introducing carbon offsetting, dramatically reducing the use of plastic and preferring materials linked to the circular and blue economy.

The fleet of yachts is becoming increasingly hybrid or fully electric, wherever possible, with more and more tests of alternative fossil-free sources of energy including solar and wind power, kite sails, innovative converters and bio fuels (e.g.: GTL, HVO). Moreover, lighter materials, like carbon fibre or aluminium, as well as new-generation batteries allow to consume less fuel while sailing.

Photo >> Monaco Yacht Show, 2022 edition ©

Refitting vintage or business-as-usual vessels to make them perform sustainably is the new trend involving a new business sector as integral part of shipbuilders who are directly responsible in determining the yachting of the future as for the outside structure and the interior design. Maintaining an attractive design by reducing the environmental impact is the new watchword. The 2023 Monaco Yacht Show will offer visitors an inspiring taste of what will happen tomorrow through solutions that are already practicable. ***

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By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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