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Monaco's tourism takes flight with a sustainable vocation.

The trend of tourism in Monaco is progressing rapidly. The Direction du Tourisme et des Congrès (Monaco Tourism and Congress Department) has recently unveiled the results as for tourist reception 2023 in view of the Strategic Directions for the current year. On the 19th March 2024, Guy Antognelli, Director of Tourism and Congress, presented at the Grimaldi Forum the data collected to make an official assessment in the presence of H.E. Pierre Dartout, Minister of State, Pierre-André Chiappori, Government Advisor Minister for Finance and Economy and key actors on the tourism industry.

He pointed out: « Tourism has resumed worldwide and currently only the Asian area is still a little behind. The outcome is very positive but we must keep pursuing our efforts since we have not yet recovered the pre-Covid standards. France, United States and Italy are in the top-three list as for nationality of tourists visiting the Principality (...) continues to attract tourists for the dream that embodies. Projections for 2024 are optimistic but we should not rest on our laurels». And sustainability is a priority in the footsteps of the White Paper on Sustainable Tourism published in 2021.

The 2023 occupancy in Monaco's Hotels achieved 57% (one percentage point more compared to 2022), confirming the increase in tourist presences. The average price, meanwhile, increased by 3.5% to reach a record value of €474 excluding taxes and service. Thus, the Monaco Tourism and Congress Department is going to further intensify its commercial actions in the most promising markets that are not yet at full capacity after the breakdown due to the pandemics.

Responsible Tourism is in the spotlight and the leisure tourism campaign "Like Nowhere Else" made of ten visuals inviting visitors to focus on a series of iconic locations in the Principality besides a set of six portraits highlighting Monaco's added value as for networking in an unforgettable place. The promoting campaign is being involving major airlines companies such as Air France, United Airlines, Lufthansa, China Airlines and British Airways. In March 2023, Guy Antognelli stressed: «With this new campaign, our goal is to change perceptions where needed, and to communicate the values of exclusivity, progress and leadership that are associated with our brand, while emphasising the spirit of change focused on the environment and innovation that is prevalent in the Principality today» (Source: Monaco Government Communication Department).

The Principality of Monaco, in fact, has been encouraging Sustainability values for a long time through a range of activities and initiatives throughout the year. The eco- commitment was decoded by The White Paper on Responsible Tourism in Monaco published in November 2021 resulting from an idea conceived in 2020 to develop a new environmentally friendly concept of tourism.

The informative editorial project is aimed at raising awareness, benchmarking, networking and encouraging idea exchanges through surveys, comparative studies and discussion workshops following International guidelines, notably the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs and other international and local pillars like the Energy Transition White Paper. The White Paper was also conceived as programmatic text in order to foresee possible future developments in line with the ambitious goal to convert Monaco in a carbon neutral state by 2050.

📽️ The official promotion video to introduce the White Paper on Sustainable Tourism in the Principality of Monaco by © Visit Monaco Gouvernement Princier.

The implementation of the the use of eco-friendly transportation, soft mobility, recycled materials, food waste reduction devices and renewable energy resources as well as the planning of sustainable and biodiversity protection infrastructures are some of the driving forces that has been carried out as for the hospitality and business spaces. Intermodal structures are a reality in Monaco while most hotels have obtained environmental certifications in the framework of international standards.

Some of the most exclusive restaurants by Société des Bains de Mer in Monaco have joined the Government's Responsible Restaurant schemes, promoting the use of seasonal ingredients and eco-friendly best practices. Notably: The Blue Bay at Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, Elsa and Le Deck at Monte-Carlo Beach.

Monaco-style tourism is more and more green setting further intentions to develop a fully sustainable hospitality. Stay tuned for the next steps. ***


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By Maurice Abbati

Journalist; Editor; Communication, Media and Public Relations Specialist

Lecturer and Author in English language of Technical Articles and the Manual: "Communicating the Environment to Save the Planet, a Journey into Eco-Communication" by Springer International Publishing.

Cover page of PhD manual by Maurice Abbati

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