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Monaco Energy Boat Challenge: yachting goes for energy efficiency.

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The link between Monaco and the Nautical World has always been indissoluble. Luxury yachts and water sports are characterizing elements of the Monegasque identity. Since 1991 the best of the Yachting Industry has shown in Port Hercules within the Monaco Yacht Show, unveiling the latest trends and sustainable solutions. It is no coincidence then if the Principality is constantly encouraging new forms of water transport and organize sport challenges to test their performance. Now in its ninth edition, the Monaco Energy Boat Show held at the Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM) from the 4th until the 9th July 2021 offers the unique opportunity to touch with hand eco-friendly technology. Bernard D’Alessandri, Secretary General of the YCM pointed out: “Innovation of every level represents a fundamental challenge of our time in the yachting sector; propulsion, renewable sources, eco-construction and eco-design will enable our sector to respond to environmental concerns. The Yacht Club aims to perpetuate a tradition of innovation that the Principality has maintained since the early 20th century”.

Photo >> Open Source information exchanges addressed to the 38 teams participating in the 9th edition of Monaco Solar Boat Challenge (Yacht Club de Monaco) - © YCM / Studio Borlenghi

The main mission of the event, developed in the framework of ‘Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting’ led by the Sovereign Prince, is to increase eco-awareness at corporate and sport level. More than fifty boats fueled by renewable energies are being presented during the week. A unique solar-catamaran race is involving concurrently thirty-eight teams of twenty nationalities. All vessels have to face a multi-stage racecourse made of sea, speed records, endurance and manoeuvrability trials.

Photo >> Twenty speakers discussing on energy reserves, on-board decarbonised energy production and yachting as a field of innovation (Monaco Solar Energy Boat Challenge, Yacht Club de Monaco) - © YCM

Monaco Energy Boat Challenge keeps a visionary approach, including an exhibitors’ village, conference sessions and job dating to encourage the sharing of knowledge. Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula Ehighlighted: “It is an amazing opportunity to bring together students that will have a role of course in the future, to bring the marine industry to look to the future…decarbonizing the water is key for the future of the oceans, rivers and lakes”. Boosting places of encounter is then fundamental to advance as reaffirmed by Olivier Wenden, Vice-President of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, main sponsor: “Support research and development of new sustainable solutions for a more virtuous yachting sector is essential if we are to continue enjoying the pleasure of the sea, while responding to the challenge of its preservation”. “Organizing events like this one to discuss and progress ideas is to make dreams come true. When you are inspired you inspire others and that is the start of a better future”, concluded Mike Horn, explorer.

As for the match, the Solar Class provides race duels, slaloms and fleet races while the Energy Class is a real innovation incubator where young engineers are presenting new ways to empower the vessel via zero-emission propulsion systems together with more efficient fuel cells and artificial intelligence devices. That allowed the organizers to double to onboard amount of energy, up to 10kWh, in 2022 edition. Besides the catamaran challenge the Open Sea Class is mainly addressed to exhibitors who would like to show new-models performance of 100% electric propulsion yachts in the midst of a sport competition. The 16-nautical-miles (29,6 km) race from Monaco to Ventimiglia along the coast on Friday the 8th July is a must in the category. Besides the podiums of the various races, a set of targeted acknowledgements are been given to the best performers, following the evaluation of a technical jury. Notably: The Innovation Prize (sponsored by Credit Suisse), the Best Tech Talk, the New Operation Prize, the Eco-Conception Prize, the Coup de Coeur Exhibitors and the Communication Prize in partnership with the Mairie de Monaco.

The 2022 Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is more active than ever to focus on pushing water boats with zero environmental impacts and preserving marine ecosystems. ***


🇮🇹 UniBoAT vince le gare di endurance, slalom e championship race alla Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, in una finale tutta all’italiana. Congratulazione a tutti i team che hanno partecipato.

🇬🇧 UniBoAT won the endurance, slalom and championship races at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. Congrats to all teams who attended the 2022 edition !

MONACO ENERGY BOAT CHALLENGE - VITA Yachts | Power fastest in the timed

kilometre (1min07)

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By Maurice Abbati

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