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Monaco e-Prix followed by very special spectators thanks to Monaco Liver Disorder.

Every year Monaco e-Prix helps to roll the "engines of life" as well as giving strong sports emotions. In this year's edition as well, Monaco Liver Disorder - MLD, gave Dorian, Ryan, Zacharie, Martin, Alexandre, Anna, Lilou, and many others the amazing opportunity to follow all stages of the Formula E, the free practice as well as the qualifying challenge and the official race, held on Saturday the 6th May 2023. They could therefore follow the most popular sport test from the perspective of a panoramic terrace overlooking the Avenue d'Ostend made available for them by CMX Event management. A great result achieved as stated by Carla Fadoul Schechter, president and founder of MLD.

Photo >> Carla Fadoul Schechter, founder of MLD, welcomes a delegation of children to assist Monaco e-Prix (Principality of Monaco, 6th May 2023) © MLD

The Monegasque Association, under the Honorary Presidency of H.S.H. Princess Charlene of Monaco, has been taking care of children affected by serious liver diseases with concrete actions to support their families as for hospital facilities and other recreational activities. All this helps to strengthen their bond with life through targeted initiatives.

Photo >> Very special spectators attending the Monaco e-Prix (Principality of Monaco, 6th May 2023) © MLD

Carla Fadoul Schechter, highlighted: « All this positive energy developed by the volunteers is enough to spread optimism in families who are going through a hard time, being encouraged by the same desire to win that inspires the Formula-E drivers ».

Actions like this represent a huge moral and psychological help for young people fostering a more sustainable future in terms of psycho-physical well-being.

According to scientific statistics, one child over 2500 is born with liver dysfunction and 50% of child transplants involve the liver. A total of one hundred and fifty liver diseases are currently identified, affecting about 20 million Europeans (of which 12 million children), making it a global health priority. ***

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To Know more about Monaco Liver Disorder please visit: MLD


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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