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Monaco celebrates once again its commitment to ocean conservation during the 2024 Monaco Ocean Week.

Whatever way we see our future, the ocean plays a key role. - H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

These words of the Sovereign Prince from the 13th anniversary of the Blue Inititiave express the strong commitment that His Foundation and the Principality of Monaco carry out to protect and conserve marine ecosystems. This year's edition of the Monaco Ocean Week held from the 18th to the 23rd March 2024 by the will of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Monaco Government, Monaco Oceanographic Institute, Monaco Scientific Centre and Monaco Yacht Club, will tackle pivotal issues gathering experts, scientific and economic researchers, NGOs and other sea-lovers committed in the ecological cause.

The 15th edition of the Monaco Blue Initiative will open the weekly program of events. Tomorrow (Monday the 18th March 2024), international experts and government representatives will tackle major topics like: ocean governance, sustainable, blue and

regenerative economy as well as the role of the Mediterranean Sea within the 30x30 roadmap for the protection of the 30% of global oceans by 2030.

A set of conferences, workshops and initiatives will parade during the #MOW2024 to showcase the latest trends as for high-tech & artificial intelligence, nature-based solutions, commercial ship transports, solutions for coral protection, conservation and restoration, responsible aquaculture and food security, innovations for the

coastal resilience, protection of cetaceans, reduction of the impact of maritime traffic on marine life.

Among the scheduled events:

🗓️ 19th and 20th March 2024: Blue Economy Round Table by Centre Scientifique de Monaco and Fundación MERI, high-profile roundtable about Shipping and the Triple Crisis affecting marine biodiversity in the footsteps of the United Nations, COP28 and IMO (International Maritime Organisations) key international acts;

- 🗓️ 19th March 2024:The 2nd Pelagos Forum to make recommendations on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), sustainable fisheries, noise pollution and sustainable tourism in the Pelagos Sanctuary;

🗓️ 20th March 2024: Ocean Innovators Platform, on the most effective solutions supported by cutting-edge technologies aimed at preserving marine resources worldwide;

- 🗓️ 20th March 2024: The Animal Fund event will focus on marine biodiversity loss as a consequence of human activities while enhancing the importance of krill to keep ocean healthy - attendants will be informed on how to contribute directly in ocean conservation and they will enjoy the film Tahlequah based on a true story.

- 🗓️ 22nd March 2024: Responsible Fashion in the presence of Runa Ray, a committed fashion designer who creates haute couture from algae fibers referring to ancient traditions, pioneers of sustainability;

- 🗓️ 22nd March 2024: BeMed 2024 Awarding Ceremony involving project leaders with the aim of reducing plastic pollution around the Mediterranean basin;

- The Scientific Commission for the Mediterranean Workshop (Commission internationale pour l'exploration scientifique de la mer Méditerranée - CIESM) about

3D mapping and visualisation of high-resolution marine data.

The 2024 Monaco Ocean Week is about to start offering an important moment of reflection on the state of health of the seas and and the progress of international programmes to maintain liveable conditions in the sea depths. It will also be the privileged stage as for examining pivotal technical documents, notably the State of the Art Report by the Mediterranean Posidonia Network and the Guide to Best Practices in OAE (ocean alkalinity enhancement) Research, a text about alkalization of seawater by Jean-Pierre Gattuso, presented at COP28. ***


By Maurice Abbati

Journalist; Editor; Communication, Media and Public Relations Specialist

Lecturer and Author in English language of Technical Articles and the Manual: "Communicating the Environment to Save the Planet, a Journey into Eco-Communication" by Springer International Publishing.

Cover page of PhD manual by Maurice Abbati

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