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MAW Focus: Art meets Nature in a beat of charming wings at G&M Design Gallery.

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The most recent edition of the Monaco Art Week has provided a lot of food for thought to deepen the relationship between art and nature. MONACŒCOART® wanted to offer you some of the most interesting ideas through a series of focus to collect. ‘Immerse’, the extraordinary exhibition by Adam Bricusse, being set at G&M Design Gallery until the 10th September 2022, offers a full immersion in natural beauty. An innovative painting technique designed by the British artist, naturalized French, fond of reproducing forms of nature through the delicate beauty of butterfly wings.

Photo >> 'Soleil' (Sun) - 2019 - by Adam Bricusse (G&M Design Gallery) - © M. Abbati

The series ‘A Place in the Universe’ aims at redefining a new perspective of the Amazon rainforest following a bottom-top approach, from the tree canopy to the sky. And it does it through the viewpoint of his wonderful creatures with particular reference to lepidopterans in their most beautiful liveries. Over 4,000 species of butterflies, in fact, live in this wild green area, one of the most thriving ecosystems in the world.

Photo >> 'Fantasia' (Fantasy) - 2014 - by Adam Bricusse (G&M Design Gallery) - © M. Abbati

A combined use of graphite, oil pastel, wax, acrylic ink, oil paint, glazes, powdered metals and various varnishes merge and divide each other to give an unexpected, almost fluorescent, three-dimensional effect whose reflections vary according to the point of observation. According to animal symbolism the butterfly, represents the structural strength which defies the force of gravity. This tiny colourful creature is at the same time fragile, ephemeral, powerful and free. The metamorphosis that generates it makes it metaphor of transportation and transformation, microcosmos of life, resurrection and inspiration.

Photo >> Below: 'Yellow Swallow Tail' - 2012 - by Adam Bricusse (G&M Design Gallery) - © M. Abbati

Bricusse’s multicultural and eclectic background allows him to address the natural theme of the struggle for survival in a completely original way, highlighting Nature’s multi-form essence. Violence, passion, serene tranquillity, life & death. Butterflies and Scarabs collections characterize the production of the artist who is currently spending some time in London and some time in St Paul de Vence, where he has relocated.

Scarabs, as well as the lepidopterans, take on a symbolic meaning as well as showing a beauty that seems timeless. Not by chance it was already considered in ancient Egypt as an amulet of sacred immortality.

Photo >> Adam Bricusse unveiling "Immerse" at G&M Design Gallery - © Fabbio Galatioto

G&M Design’s clever setting reveals the artist’s character thanks to the use of dark light installations and the extraordinary kaleidoscopic effect of Bricusse’s pieces of art. The energy that emanates from the paintings involves the senses of the viewer pushing to contemplate biodiversity’s harmony. A significant example of how human creativity is influenced by the unsettling beauty of Nature. ***

To know more about the artist please visit: Adam Bricusse



By Maurice Abbati

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