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LUXE PACK Monaco made a gift package to Sustainability.

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

According to a recent study by Zion Market Research (Source: Bloomberg) the environmentally friendly Packaging Market is expected to grow up USD 358.3 billion (approx..) by 2028 with an compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.10 % (appox.) over the forecast period. The positive trend will be encouraged by encouraged by favourable local policies. In the Asian Pacific zone, sustainable packaging are being fostered by a series of governmental regulations and initiatives as well as in North America with special regard to Canada that is pushing for recycling and plastic-free containers and cups. LUXE PACK Monaco, one of the major hub of international stakeholders in this field, has been a pioneer for a long time in understanding the change of direction of consumers, increasingly eco-responsible in preferring a 'green' packaging over a traditional one.

The event, held at the Grimaldi Forum, from the 3rd until the 5th October 2022, was inaugurated by the official visit of Pierre Dartout, Minister of the State, marking a turning point in the offering of luxury packaging. The Monegasque edition, is the main stage of a world tour that, celebrating its 35th anniversary, is the main stage of a world tour that involves iconic capital towns as New York, Shangai, Los Angeles and Paris. A targeted exhibition area, made of more than 400 exhibitor and thirty-five conferences involving ninety speakers fond of design, respect of the environment and digital innovation. That was the heart of this special Trade Show which attracted about 9,000 visitors from the most important exclusive brands.

Photo >> Main entrance of LUXE PACK Monaco (Grimaldi Forum, 4th October 2022) - © Maurice Abbati MOEA.
LUXE PACK Monaco, the premiere trade show for creative packaging.

LUXE PACK in green awarding ceremony was one of the key moments of the showroom. For thirteen years, this recognition has been bringing to light the best sustainable packaging innovations and depicting the most eco-responsible approaches of exhibitors.

Thus, it can be considered as a reliable indicator of the market trends. The winning projects are selected by a skilled technical jury on the basis of stringent criteria in the footstep of the LUXE PACK in green Charter. The list of this year's winners was announced on Tuesday the 4th October at Salle Camille Blanc (Grimaldi Forum) during a targeted event, animated by Alice Vachet, anchor woman of the podcasting platform "L'Empreinte" .

Photo >> The technical Jury of the 2022 LUXE PACK in green Prize - © LUXE PACK Monaco.

Sylvicta by Arjowwings was awarded the 2022 LUXE PACK in green Prize for the category Eco-Conceived Packaging Solutions. This innovative biodegradable-labeled plastic material was conceived by a British packaging compan, based on a historical experience and it allows international brands to reduce or even eradicate the use of plastics in their packaging. The solutions offered the ideal conditions to promote circular economy on a large scale, being compatible with already existing recycling cycles. The outcome was considered by the Jury as revolutionary and capable to make real the sustainable shift in production processes. Sylvicta, in fact, decomposes in soil and sea water, not having a harmful impact on the environment.

Photo >> Sustainable packaging - © LUXE PACK Monaco.

ALTUS Coating was given the 2022 LUXE PACK in green Prize for the category Corporate Social Responsibility approach. The best way to respect the environment is expressed through a comprehensive corporate commitment which is focused in testing innovative environmentally friendly clothing thanks to the passion of a family business, created in 2007, intertwined with a great environmental sensitivity.

Their eco-commitments go far beyond their products by organising a fully responsible business ecosystem to constantly improve the economic, social and environmental performance, reduce their impact at every stage while meeting the needs of an increased number of clients. In order to achieve all this, precise energy efficiency and quality criteria have been set.

LUXE PACK Monaco 2022 is then a fundamental step to bring forward a new way of economy, in harmony with both the global market and the natural environment. ***

Photo >> Pierre Dartout, Minister of State, visiting LUXE PACK Monaco 2022 welcomed by Sylvie Biancheri, Executive Director of Grimaldi Forum (LUXE PACK Monaco, 5th October 2022 ) - © Direction de la Communication / Stéphane Danna - LUXE PACK Monaco exhibition area (Grimaldi Forum, 3rd -5th October 2022) - © Grimaldi Forum. ______________________________________

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By Maurice Abbati

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