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Laurent Blomet and the automotive world: a combination that ignites sporting hearts.

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

His passion for cars goes back to the origins strongly anchored to his legacy. A deep sense of entrepreneurship together with a real passion for the four wheels made Laurent Blomet a success story to tell. Been passionate of rallies and the automotive since his childhood, he founded his first car company while studying.

Photo >> Portrait of Laurent Blomet © HappyFewRacing™

His fate was clear from the beginning: a winning symbiosis with the motor world. Not surprisingly, he worked for General Motors and soon after he founded a Ferrari Club. He then worked for international companies in France, Italy and the United States. In 2011, after giving life to other businesses, HappyFewRacing™ was born.

The company is one of a kind dealing with the organisation of family rallies. Every detail is prepared on the basis of the customer’s wishes in order to achieve the best desired outcome. The annual programme of events is extremely varied, including Rallye Père-Fils™ (Father and Son Rally), Rallye Père-Fille™ (Father and Daughter Rally), Rallye Padre e Figlio™ (Father and Son Rally on board Ferraris) and UnHommeUneFemme™ (Husband and Wife Rally).

The core idea goes beyond the simple passion for supercars. Alongside the adrenaline and the unique feelings while driving dreamy cars, participants are dragged on a gastronomic journey never tried before, along extraordinary natural landscapes and villages perfectly integrated in the context. The human desire of travelling and adventure is enhanced by unique surprises to be shared with the people most dear to each of us.

Photo >> Rallye Père-Fils (Father and Son Rally) by HappyFewRacing (Principality of Monaco, October 2022) © HappyFewRacing™

This is it, the place to be, the adventure to take, the moment to share for spending some unforgettable days. A unique opportunity to jump on board and enjoy the pleasure of driving in contact with the natural and human environment. ***


To become part of the HappyFewRacing Family, please visit: and discover the newcomers VaterUndSohn™ (Father and Son on board Porsche) and Father&Son™ (Father and Son on board Aston Martin).


Discover MONACŒCOART® for Business:


By Maurice Abbati


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