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Jean Malaurie's anniversary 'arctically' celebrated at Monaco Oceanographic Museum.

There are still a few days to visit the exhibition dedicated to Jean Malaurie, researcher, scientist, writer, editor, filmmaker, geographer, ethnohistorian, artist and iconic figure of polar explorations. On the 22nd December 2022, his 100th anniversary from his birth was greatly celebrated. The Oceanographic Museum has decided to exhibit a selection of pastels inspired by his missions in the Arctic, entitled "Arctic Twilight". This special exhibition was meant to be part of the Institute of Oceanography’s set of initiatives dedicated to the Polar Regions, notably called "Mission Polaire".

Photo >> Official poster of Jean Malaurie's exhibition "Arctic Twilight" at the Musée Océanographique from the 15th December 2022 until the 24th January 2023 © Oceano Monaco

On the basis of a favourable circumstance, Malaurie has recently donated to the Institut Océanographique his whole collection of Inuit artifacts, archives and personal effects resulting (about 500 pieces in total) from its thirty-one polar expeditions when he became a defender of local populations. The Oceanographic Museum visitors are invited to discover a piece of the history of fact-finding missions from the last century.

A moment of great excitement aimed at exploring the most remote areas of the planet.

During his long journey of life, he has been fond of various skills like his artistic passion lasted for about forty years. His creations show a personal vision of those remote lands with a special focus on polar nights. The contemplation of nature has always been of fundamental importance for him. Through his exhibition "Arctic Twilight", Jean Malaurie reveals passion gratitude for the teachings learned from the Inuit communities. Knowing how to look, meditate and let oneself be penetrated by the force of Nature.

Photo >> Official poster of "Mission Polaire" at the Musée Océanographique © Oceano Monaco

The exhibition is directly inspired by the book of the same name published by El Viso while Malaurie's collection entered in the legacy of the Monaco Oceanographic Museum thanks to the support of the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ).

This academic institution has been engaged for many years in the development of arctic studies, with a leading role in managing Professor Malaurie's research studies and 'heritage' through the Jean Malaurie Institute of Arctic Research (IRAM), led by Professor Jan Borm. ***

Exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

The exhibition will be open every day from 10am to 6pm from December 15th to January 24th, 2023. Access is included in the entrance ticket to the Oceanographic Museum.

To know more please visit: Monaco Oceanographic Museum


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