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EVER Monaco 2023: 'fil rouge' throughout past, present and future within a Sustainability outlook.

This year's edition did not disappoint expectations. EVER Monaco is a particularly inspiring event to see showing the latest technology in the field of soft mobility and energy efficiency. MONACŒCOART® gathered some novelties of the exhibition during an exclusive visit to the Chapiteau de Fontvieille on the 12th May 2023. An experience that offered interesting food for thought on the evolution of sustainable transport starting from the roots to the most advanced technological applications.

Photo >> EVER Monaco, 2023 edition (Chapiteau de Fontvieille, 12th May 2023) © Maurice Abbati

The first experiments of electric motor and use of alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, do not concern in fact the current century but dates back to the nineteenth century as showcased by the Associazione Storico Culturale Antiche Ruote Garfagnana (Ancient Wheels of the Garfagnana Historical and Cultural Association) that unveiled the prototype of the first electric vehicle built up on the basis of the patent designed in 1891 by the Count Carli di Castelnuovo Garfagnana. The education and training project held by Maurizio Donati together with students from the Simoni Professional Institution for Industry and Craft and the Vecchiacchi Technological Institute, aims at rediscovering the dawn of e-mobility developed in the core of northern Tuscany. Besides this pivotal piece of history of modern mobility, the first internal combustion hydrogen engine conceived by Barsanti e Matteucci was brought back to life thanks to the homonymous foundation and by the will of a contemporary nuclear physicist.

Photos >> From left to right: 1. H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and H.E. Giulio Alaimo, Ambassador of Italy to the Principality of Monaco © EVER Monaco ; 2. welcomed by Maurizio Lunardi, President of the Lions Club Garfagnana, Professor Giacomo Ricci and Liria Aprosio-Mazzon, President of the Lions Club Ventimiglia © Lions Club; 3. Maurizio Donati introducing to the prototype of the first electric vehicle fro the Garfagnana's Electric Valley © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt.

Maurizio Lunardi, President of Lions Club Garfagnana highlighted: « Not by chance Castelnuovo di Garfagnana district is known as the Electric Valley (note: registered trademark) for the presence of numerous revolutionary machineries under the impulse of Carli's noble family. The second Italian hydroelectric power plant was born here followed by some pioneering devices like the over-5km cable car for the transport of timber in Versilia, the tramway circular line and one of the first examples of electric public lighting ». Professor Giacomo Ricci pointed out: « We are talking about pure industrial archeology of fundamental importance to remind the new generations where we come from. The hydrogen-fuelled device by two Lucca-born scientists was previously patented in London on the 5th June 1854. On the basis of a specific research of the archives of the time, I was able to demonstrate that this Italian invention was prior compared to the combustion engines designed by Nikolaus Otto and Eugen Langen».

A historical heritage that aroused the interest of the Sovereign Prince during His official visit of Thursday 11 May accompanied by H.E. Giulio Alaimo, the Ambassador of Italy to the Principality of Monaco, in the presence of Liria Aprosio-Mazzon, President of Lions Club Ventimiglia.

Photos >> 1. The Sovereign Prince welcomed by Alastair McIntosh, Chief Technology Officer at Lilium GMBH © EVER Monaco; 2. The prototype of Lilium full-electric innovative jet at EVER Monaco © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt; 3. Lilium stand at EVER Monaco © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt.

The field of fully electric aviation represented the future of electric mobility at EVER Monaco. Lilium GMBH, based on the most advanced German technology, showcased in Monaco an electric jet with vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL technologies). This new viable high-speed means of transport for passengers of goods is completely noiseless and with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, capable to foster medium-range connections even between airports and urban areas. Lilium jets has been recently certified as FlightSafetyInternational (FSI). Michael Stein, Network Development Manager, underlined: «This novel technology with simple maintenance brings us a lot of efficiency which allows flying longer distances. The equipment of a multiple set of turbines also helps to give more stability and comfort during flight as well as a feeling of silence unlike an helicopter. We are about to launching flying services network by 2026 up to eight passengers per aircraft». The project, began as a startup, is having a great success in many iconic places around the world with special regard to United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Benelux, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

Photos >> 1. The Sovereign Prince welcomed by Eric Bouiller, Founder of Circle SAS © EVER Monaco; 2. Circle Car at the official stand within EVER Monaco © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt; 3. Circle Car to be tested at Ride & Drive area - EVER Monaco © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt.

Sustainable mobility increasingly goes through integrated all-inclusive solutions with reduce impact on the environment. The 'Made-in-France' Circle SAS presented at EVER Monaco their Circle-Car comprehensive B2B ecosystem addressed to the private sector, notably car-sharing operators set in major European capitals. 'Run the City. Let's Shape our Mobility. Let's Run a Sustainable City', this is the catching phrase summarising the core mission of Circle-Mobility. Eric Boullier, Founder and Former CEO McLaren F1 Racing Team & Renault F1 Team, stressed: « We are building a new experience of transportation for B2B mobility players to change the city». In fact, it is more than a public mobility but an integrated "POD" connected system aimed at free floating, user-friendly, comfortable and full-electric.

Photo >> The Sovereign Prince and Isabelle Bonnal, Commissioner General of the Department of Education, welcomed by Virginie Atlan and a delegation of students from F.A.N.B. © EVER Monaco

The future of Sustainability depends on the sensitivity of the new generations and Nous Les Ambitieuses ! association, network of engaged national and international women, has been committed to act as territorial incubator where to support all types of projects with solidarity, ethical and responsible approaches. « Youth, Health, Culture, Education, Ecology, Innovation, Economy, Safety are our pillars. We are always listening and vigilant. We are extending our hands, not forgetting anyone and boldly encourage benevolence!», as reaffirmed by Virginie Atlan, President & Founder. The project presented at EVER Monaco saw the direct involvement of students from the François d'AssiseNicolas Barré (F.A.N.B.) Institution pushing them to reflect on waste reduction and recycling through creativity and family involvement. Virginie Atlan stated: « This project aims to develop itself in the next two years linked to a school programme focused on sustainable development which I am carrying on, encouraging teenagers to think about waste found on the beach starting from the most typical, the plastic bottle, that they collected to build a giant one, metaphor of the great impact of every-day human waste. Then, each of them made a creative artefact with recycled material found in their house that are now exposed». A significant educational project which also saw the publication of a book for children illustrated by Jarry Osty, French actor and humorist: La Famille Écoresponsable, quelle ambition pour notre planète? (The Eco-responsible Family, what ambition for our planet?).

EVER Monaco has definitely offered ideas and anticipations on clean mobility, energy efficiency and future trends to deepen Sustainability. ***

Photo >> METHA Europe Awarding Ceremony in the presence of Isabelle Ferlin, Incubator Project Manager APUI/ IMT Nord Europe UV Pedagogical Manager Business Creation © EVER Monaco


This year's main themes were related to: Energy Transition, Smart Building and Smart City.

** Ante Creation Category > to reward an innovative concept **

Octometha (Amiens Cluster incubator): Innovative process of slushy agricultural methanisation.

** Start-up category > addressed to businesses in operation for less than two years **

lzaac (IMT Nord Europe incubator): Control centre dedicated to energy efficiency.


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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