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Cycling from London to Monaco beyond all the limits for Ocean Conservation.

Updated: Jan 26

Mission accomplished! A two-wheeled challenge that has crossed thousands of kilometers across the British Channel straight to Monaco. The "London to Monaco" L2M cycling race, at its sixt edition, started at London Somerset House on the 19th September 2023 in the presence of Lady Amelia Windsor, iconic fashion model and special ambassador of Blue Marine Foundation, organiser or the event in collaboration with Winch Design. This charity institution is focused on safeguarding the good state of ocean ecosystems preventing overfishing as much as possible to make the climate mitigation marine potential efficient. One hundred cyclists took up the extremely hard challenge covering a 1,100-km journey passing through the Alpine area to reach a pleasant finish line.

On the 26th September 2023, early afternoon, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco welcomed all participants who bravely faced this unique tour that involved seven countries on its path towards the Mediterranean.

« The London to Monaco cycle ride is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness on the necessity to protect our fragile oceans », Sovereign Prince of Monaco.
Photo >> H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco welcomes all riders at the finish line od the 2023 "London to Monaco" cycling race by Blue Marine Foundation in partnership with Just Pedal (Prince's Palace Square, 26th September 2023) © Blue Marine Foundation

Besides the sporting test on one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles, the event aimed at raising awareness and funding meaningful projects on ocean conservation worldwide. The initiative has already contributed considerably on the "blue economy cause". More than £2million over five years can be considered a winning result in the view to achieve an ambitious effective target: 30% of global oceans under protection by 2030 and the remaining 70% responsibly managed. This year edition is willing to reach £150,000 raised funds.

« Each year we are overwhelmed by both the support and fortitude of individuals and corporate partners who take part in this ride », Sara-Jane Skinner, Head of Partnerships at Blue Marine.
Photo >> Riders set out from London’s Somerset House on an epic 1,100km endurance challenge © Blue Marine Foundation

At the arrival in Monaco, a unique Blue Marine Electric MOKE (inspired by the legendary Mini Moke dating 1964, created by Mini’s father, Sir Alec Issigonis) was given by Peter Lürssen to the Sovereign Prince as a special tribute for His commitment in marine conservation. The German Yacht builder represents the last generation of a long family-run company tradition that dates back to 1875. He is then considered as a leading expert in engineering extraordinarily-designed yachts.

« Winch Design is proud to be the founding partner of the L2M event. Our collective love of the ocean drives what we do daily, and our projects are designed with nature in mind », outlined Winch Design's representative.
Photo >> PHONENIX² on which the BMYC event will take place © Jim Raycroft

The MOKE International fully-electric model has been designed in the United Kingdom specifically for the occasion under the guidance of Steve Edge, outstanding designer and branding guru. The "London to Monaco" celebrations continued on the 28th September 2023, within the Monaco Yacht Show where H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, as the founding patron of the Blue Marine Yacht Club (BMYC), welcomed an exclusive reception on board Lürssen's super yacht, Phoenix², by Winch Design, win-win company operating at international level in the high standing yachting industry. All invited guests had the opportunity to make donations in favour of Blue Marine Foundation and a few of them had the privilege to become the owner of one of the thirty limited-edition Blue Marine 30 x 30 MOKEs. For each sale, a donation of £10,000 was allocated to Blue Marine's ocean cause.

« These Electric MOKEs are at home when next to crystal clear waters and golden beaches. We’re delighted to be doing what we can to protect them and keep the ocean clean », Robin Kennedy, Chief Commercial Officer at MOKE.

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By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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