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Sanremo Pop Music Festival dressed in green to show the latest Italian song trends.

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

We are just on the eve of a particularly 'cool' week for the new trends of Italian pop music. Everything is now ready to host the 73rd edition of the Festival della Canzone Italiana (Italian Song Festival) that will involve the sea resort city of Sanremo, recently acknowledged as a historical heritage of the Grimaldi's. This weekly music kermesse, connected to the Eurovision Song Contest, is definitely iconic for Italians, marking contemporary "Italy music style", both in Italy and worldwide. Born from the need to let the spirits up after World War II, Sanremo's Festival is living a second youth after opening to raising musical genres close to the new generations, without forgetting the Italian tradition of "bel canto". The well-known tracks "Volare" by Domenico Modugno or "Le mille bolle blu" by Mina were launched from there as well as all major songs from the 60’s until nowadays. This means that Italian public opinion is catalysed throughout its life in Sanremo. Thus, the whole town and the Ariston Theatre, the centric multistage auditorium where the festival takes place, turn into a sole stage where to send social messages, anticipate trends and introduce new ones.

Photo >> The Ariston Theatre hosting the 2023 Sanremo Song Festival dressed in green (Sanremo, 5th February 2023) © Maurice Abbati MOEA

This year sustainability seems to be the focus of the event. The most popular "Red Carpet" to host the 28 artists in competitions in addition to super guests within the Italian Show business jet set, turns into a green walkway that crosses the city until the entrance of the theatre. A parade of shrubs, flowers and plants of the Mediterranean Basin, or perfectly acclimatised, embellish a green meadow. Rosemary, daisies, olive trees artistically pruned, and much more, lead back to the idea of Sanremo as a leading city in the horticultural sector. Thanks to a unique micro-climate and the link to Northern Europe the town rapidly developed a local production of flowers and plants in between nineteenth and twentieth century and its name is still known for colourful and fragrant flowers, like carnations, roses, buttercups, anemones, mimosa, strelitzia and white broom.

Photo >> Vetical gardens on Media installations at 2023 Sanremo Song Festival (Sanremo, 5th February 2023) © Maurice Abbati MOEA

By the will of one of the sponsors (Plenitude by ENI, main energy company), the RAI (Italian broadcasting company) and the Municipality of Sanremo, the message of "sustainability" starts from the enhancement of the flora that this year is also expressed in vertical gardens made as green frames of media installations scattered around the city. A fully environmentally friendly environment symbolised by this new-concept 300-metre Green Carpet by Sanremo Piante, garden designers.

An increased sensitivity towards the environmental impact is confirmed also through further concrete actions. Casa Sanremo, the official hospitality centre of Sanremo's Festival, started a partnership with 4Elements AssociAction and Event Green to improve energy consumption and join a targeted carbon footprint calculation by EGEV software, during the whole event with the view to launch a corresponding compensation action. Vincenzo Russolillo, patron of Casa Sanremo, pointed out: « I am happy because the involvement of the city is back and it will be animated by a series of events designed specifically to create an interactive city experience. (...) It will be an edition among continuity, innovation and some projects being launched ».

Photo >> "Feeling the Energy" installation by CRA - Carlo Ratti Associati with the collaboration of Italo Rota (Sanremo, Santa Tecla Fortress, 5th February 2023) © Maurice Abbati MOEA

The relationship between music and sustainability has been a reality for a long time. From classical music to pop through all its declinations, music and voice have the ability to send powerful environmental messages. And the natural world itself produces music as shown by numerous projects synthesising natural sounds from wildlife. To kick off the music week, Dardust, internationally renowned musician and music producer, will perform "The Blooming Symphony", based on music tracks produced through electrical impulse conveyed by plants and flowers. Various paramount Italian singers openly committed in the sustainability cause will attend this years' contest including Marco Mengoni and Giorgia and Elisa, as special guest.

A special interactive installation, "Feeling the Energy", will be set in the historical spot of Santa Tecla fortress, in between Porto Vecchio and Pian di Nave square by the seaside. Designed on the occasion of Fuorisalone 2022 in Milan by the international well-konwn design and architectural innovation CRA - Carlo Ratti Associati with the collaboration of the Italian architect Italo Rota. The installation foster social collaboration of each of us thanks to the synergy between human beings and nature able to generate vital energy that can give life to the Planet Earth.

The sustainable engagement will also pass through the upcoming installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of Ariston Theatre to provide energy for the administrative headquarters.

Photo >> Vertical gardens set to dress in green Media installations for 2023 Sanremo Song Festival (Sanremo , 5th February 2023) © Maurice Abbati MOEA

Stefano Goberti, Managing Director of Plenitude, reaffirmed: « We are proud to be partner of the Sanremo Festival this year and to make a concrete contribution in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability within the decarbonisation process of such an important event. We will continue on the line (...) with the goal of creating value through the energy transition and achieving carbon neutrality by 2040, providing 100% decarbonised energy to all our customers ».

The 2023 Sanremo Song Festival is sending a meaningful green message that hopefully will last overtime enhanced by the universal language of music, real protagonist of this week song contest. ***

To know more about the Sanremo Song Festival please visit: Festival Sanremo

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By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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