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A special day class to discover the relationship between navigation and respect for cetaceans.

The Monaco Yacht Club has recently hosted a unique full day workshop about marine biodiversity preservation with the participation of experts from various fields, including the Oceanographic Institute, the Mairie of Monaco, embodied by Marjorie Crovetto, Deputy in charge of Environment and Sustainable Development, and the Embassy of Italy in Monaco, represented by H.E. Giulio Alaimo. On the 18th October 2023 a group of student could enjoy an eco awareness rendezvous, promoted by ACCOBAMS, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Pelagos Initiative and the YCM. The meeting was focused on the relationship between marine transport and cetaceans conservation. The opportunity was offered by the stopover in the Principality of Monaco of the scientific vessel, Eagle II, within the ongoing Pelagos Sanctuary expedition carried out by the Association "We are Méditerranée", a community of experts and marine enthusiasts around the naturalistic photographic work of Greg Lecoeur, ocean and wildlife professional photographer. Marine mammals that populate this marine protected area are in the spotlight of the mission in view of increasing knowledge.

Photo >> Special full-immersion to highlight the relationship between marine transport and cetaceans preservation (Monaco Yacht Club, 18th October 2023) © ACCOBAMS

A quite recent report by WWF (Shipping and Cetaceans, a review of impacts and mitigation options for policy makers 2021) and various scientific studies point out the urgency to take action to reduce collisions (Tehtys) and underwater noise by introducing new technologies on board merchant vessels as reaffirmed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) while updating guidelines on the topic.

This event, warmly welcomed and moderated by Bernard d'Alessandri, General Secretary and Managing Director of the Monaco Yacht Club, welcomed about

thirty participants sharing the same values to safeguarding marine ecosystems and encouraging the Blue Economy.

The Mediterranean is home to an incredible wealth of marine life, including cetaceans which are increasingly threatened by human activities.

Respecting the oceans is respecting the Planet. Thus, to keep this balance for he future it is necessary to foster a peaceful coexistence with marine mammals, whose role is crucial in combating the effects of climate change. ***


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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