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Two new financial aid schemes to foster the Energy Management Plan in Monaco.

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

On the occasion of the presentation of the Energy Management Plan of the Prince's Government held on the 16th November 2022, H.E. Pierre Dartout, Minister of State announced the implementation of a tariff shield addressed to make citizens' and businesses' daily consumption more efficient, also to cope with the current energy crisis. LED devices, refrigeration cabinets, NF certified inertia radiators, high-performance carpentry, etc. are some of the are some of the equipment involved in government measures.

Photo >> H.E. Pierre Dartout, Monaco Minister of State © Gouvernement Princier

In view to fight against global warming by granting a financial support both for private households and enterprises the Gouvernement Princier proposes again an aid package to help the purchasing of small equipment as part of the post-COVID economic recovery plan managed by the Mission for the Energy Transition (MTE), governmental body created in 2016 to ensure the management of projects to limit greenhouse gas emissions and the development of renewable energies in the Principality. Another energy incentive covers part of the cost of heat pump replacement in order to replace their aging and low-performing boiler rooms.

The international energy crisis requires attention to any energy waste using common sense and a stronger sense of community. The Minister of State highlighted: "We are all concerned and each of us can take the economic action that counts. It is generally necessary to appreciate the effort and its results»

>> Incentive No. 1 Buying Energy-efficient Small Electric Appliances

This action meets different needs according to your daily lifestyle for a general reduction in energy consumption. If you are seeking to buy a power strip, a sleep-breaker, or a hydro-economical faucet or invest in LED (Ligh-emitting-diode) technologies, that are the new generation lighting solid-state devices able to convert electric energy directly into light of a single colour. That prevents any any waste of energy for maximum light output at reduced consumption. You could then achieve a triple economy, both financial, energy and in terms of greenhouse-gas emissions.

The grant can reach up to 3,000 euro for the purchase of small energy-saving equipment.

To know more about the incentive No. 1 please click here: >> /Moyens-d-action/Subventions/Aide-financiere-aux-petits-equipements-et-amenagements


>> Incentive No. 2 Installation of new Heat Pumps

This action is primarily addressed to households served by a collective boiler room seeking to install a heat pump device instead with the support of Monaco Government. This new-generation heating system is energy efficient, it produces less greenhouse emissions and costs less, being fully adaptable to collective heating and cooling systems. The grant can cover up to 30% of the price of the equipment and the execution studies.

To know more about the incentive No. 2 please click here: >> /Moyens-d- action/Subventions/Subvention-PAC-et-Appel-a-projet-de-renovation-exemplaire/Subvention- Pompes-a-chaleur


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Ilvana Mirto
Ilvana Mirto
Dec 13, 2022

Very effective and good communication!

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