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The XXVII International EUCARPIA Symposium is about to debate on the 'Culture of Sustainability'.

Everything is ready for an international meeting that will gather in Genoa experts of various fields of competence to develop the theme "From Nature to Culture: Breeding Ornamentals for Sustainability". The XXVII International EUCARPIA Symposium will be held in the historic seat of the prestigious University of Genoa from the 2nd until the 5th July 2023. The event, under the umbrella of the European Association for Research on Plant Breeding and the International Society for Horticultural Science - ISHS , will focus on ornamental plants, cut flowers, trees and bulbs from a new interdisciplinary approach which includes interventions from different expertise of knowledge.

This industrial branch is growing rapidly at global level as both for production and trade up to USD 271,3 Mn by the end of 2031. Consumers increasingly have an ecological awareness in approaching the market and their eco responsibility is changing their attitude and behaviour. Sustainability and innovation are therefore the driving forces towards a new business model, as stressed by the technical opening interventions by Margherita Beruto, Chair of ISHS Ornamental Plants Division, and Mauro Mariotti, Professor at the Department of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences - University of Genoa and Director of Hanbury Gardens.

Photo >> Official poster of the XXVII International © EUCARPIA Symposium - "From Nature to Culture: Breeding Ornamentals for Sustainability"

The Symposium will tackle main issues through four main axes: 1. the use of wild plants as sources for the breeding programs; 2. the strategies which could be adopted during the breeding programs to get new products and to enhance a sustainable production; 3. the aid of new genetic tools in the breeding programs and 4. the new uses of ornamentals for landscaping and create an added value to the territory. Various sections will be animated by nine key note speeches by international experts providing a theoretical practical approach through case studies and meaningful insights. Within the the event the two young talented scientists will be acknowledged within the Young Mind Awards. A great participation of participants is expected to join the event, notably about one hundred stakeholders from seventeen different countries.

A special focus will be paid to the emerging consciousness about biophilia and “neo-ecology” approaches, the evolution and spreading of information and communications through technology (ICT) and Internet, the alterations arisen from climate changes, the necessity to reduce the energy-input and to reach a production flow sustainable from the environmental, social and economic point of view (pillars of the concept of Sustainability). Further speeches will focus on non-chemical alternative strategies and tools to face plant pests as well as the need to provide end-consumers with an increased product quality at an acceptable price.

Photo >> Palazzo dell'Ateneo, University of Genoa Main Building, Rector’s Office and School of Social Sciences © University of Genoa

A special section will be devoted to eco-communication, that is a pivotal tool to boost Circular and Blue Economy, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility and Biomimicry, a new professional approach that takes inspiration from Nature to find out the best business management and engineering solutions. "Flora & Green are the new must in communicating your sustainable reputation" by Maurizio Abbati, communication expert, author, journalist and scientific disseminator (editor in chief at MONACŒCOART®), will focus on building up effective communication ecosystems within ornamental plants nurseries to convey their corporate sustainable values and concrete initiatives to build up an authentic green marketing. Managing an appropriate business communication plan, in fact, is essential to get to the point with the least risk of "noise", any barrier able to prevent a proper communicative relationship between the sender and the receiver that can involve entrepreneurs in the risky green washing. A case study conducted by Stanford University in 2016, shows how you can easily be misled by examining visual and textual elements without adequate preparation. Reputation, trust, empathy, clarity, responsiveness, storytelling based on reliable and traceable sources are key factors to make a difference on the market and foster eco-responsibility in the target audience. This was clear for Rachel Louise Carson, American biologist, who gave birth to modern ecology and environmental communication.

The XXVII International EUCARPIA Symposium will offer a privileged stage where to grasp the latest trends on ornamental plants and new ways to approach the market following non business-as-usual models to make a real change towards sustainability. Stay tuned for the follow up. ***


Please find the abstract of all interventions by clicking: XXVII International EUCARPIA Symposium, Abstracts.

The outcome of the Symposium will be published in the Acta Horticulturae, a peer review scientific series published by ISHS.


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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