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The Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters is at the starting reels and the ATP Tour reaches a green slam.

One of the most anticipated international sporting challenges of the year is returning to the red clay. The Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters is the first international tournament on European soil after the first two American ATP Masters 1000 stages that have launched the new season. Moreover, it is definitely the most prestigious and historic, counting on a legacy that lasts for more than 100 yers. The world champions meet in the historic Country Club of Monaco, set in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, that turns into the centre of tennis world for a week, from the 8th until the 16th April 2023. This year a completely redesigned hospitality village will host world champions and their staff while a high-profile charitable gala dinner and other glamorous events will follow the sport challenge in the best traditions of French Riviera. Tennis lovers tremble to know which champions will enter as singles and doubles finalists in the famous arena of Court Rainier III, the largest tennis court of the Club with a breathtaking view on the Mediterranean Sea.

Photo >> Tennis player © MonacoEcoArt

A crescendo of emotions to which is added good news from the environmental point of view. The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), the global governing body for men's tennis since 1972, has just further enhanced its sustainable reputation through a strategic partnership with LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. acting as solar energy and hydrogen power main provider and leading technology company in renewables and sustainable development, worldwide. The partnership, ratified on the 3rd April 2023, includes the 2023-2024 Season as for relevant ongoing stages of the international tour in Asia, Europe and the Americas and it aims at consolidating the ATP commitment to comply with the UN Sports for Climate Action (UNSCA), a targeted initiative under the umbrella of the United Nations that support sport stakeholders to achieve global climate change goals.

Photo >> Official announcement of 2023 © Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters

The new-born, 'Plan-GET', that stands for Green, Energy and Tours is the new 'recipe' launched by the green-energy company to develop innovation addressed to achieve zero-carbon sports events, trying to make a mark on the energy transition path. Massimo Calvelli, CEO at ATP, showed all the satisfaction for this latest piece of an environmentally friendly puzzle kicked off in November 2021 when the Association joined the UNSCA and announced the ambitious goal to reach the reduction of half of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and Net Zero by 2040. The idea is also to set a good example to the thousands of world tennis fans who follow tournaments in presence or through streaming platforms and social media. Making a positive impact on society to increase its care for the Planet to prevent extreme weather or poor quality air is on the spotlight.

Photo >> The Court Rainier III within the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters (Abstract of the ATP Serves Sustainability Dossier) © ATP ™
« This will be a long-term journey and, with everyone pulling together, we hope to facilitate positive change and go on to inspire tennis fans and the wider public », Massimo Calvelli, CEO at ATP.
Photo >> Portrait of Massimo Calvelli, CEO at ATP (Abstract of the ATP Serves Sustainability Dossier) © ATP ™

The new sustainability strategy of ATP marks a journey in stages open to the support of other actors of the circular economy. The focus is then on resource consumption encouraging a clever use of energy, water and other materials, while reducing waste, as well as on the climate action promoting carbon offset and audits in order to depict the carbon footprint of the whole management, including travels and hotel accommodations of all stakeholders involved in ATP. Besides that, an engaging set of environmental awareness campaigns have been provided to tennis professionals through action planners, boosting practical ideas and long-term vision, and a responsible procurement guide, suitable to promote sustainable supplies by selected companies sharing the same values.

Photo >> Carbon Map to describe the emission management within the ATP ecosystem (Abstract of the ATP Serves Sustainability Dossier) © ATP ™

Gold Standard, an award-winning standard certification for climate change mitigation projects, is also standing shoulder to shoulder to the cause, acting as direct reference to tennis players increasingly sensitive to sustainability and climate action. Dominic Thiem, talented Austrian tennis player holding 17 ATP singles titles, highlighted: « I am proud to see the ATP step up and make a long-term commitment to protecting our planet. This is something very close to my heart. Climate change impacts everyone and as players we already feel its effects in the places we play. I encourage everyone in tennis to get involved in whatever way they can. Together we can make an incredible impact ». ***


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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