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The Mediterranean Foundation for Strategic Studies welcomed by the Minister of State.

Updated: May 13, 2023

On the 11th May 2023, the representatives of the Fondation Méditerranéenne d’Etudes Stratégiques - FMES (Mediterranean Foundation for Strategic Studies) were welcomed in the Principality by H.E. Pierre Dartout, Minister of State. Born to boost strategic actions within the Mediterranean Basin through education, research, training, support for defence and dual economy, the FMES is a key body in preserving the balance among Mediterranean countries. Its first Mediterranean maritime session on the 11th and the 12th May 2023, debate on what policies should be implemented in France to preserve Mediterranean seabed, a topical issue.

Photo >>H.E. Pierre Dartout welcoming the representatives of FMES in the presence of H.E. Giulio Alaimo, Ambassador of Italy to the Principality, and Olivier Wenden, CEO and Vice-President of the Prince Albert II of Monaco © Direction de la Communication/Stéphane Danna

The FMES is animated by distinguished experts from the private and the public sector including French Admirals and former high-ranking French Defence Officials, and it is being focusing on the Sea until June 2023, under the umbrella of the Maritime Prefecture.

The summit, held at the Oceanographic Museum, was addressed to a selected audience from industry, media, sea management, science, legal field as well as leisure and and environment.

The Minister of State stressed: « Monaco’s international vocation and its values, by the will of Prince Albert II, makes the Principality a key player to tackle maritime and environmental issues. Monaco is a Maritime Principality ».

All participants are asked to take action towards decision makers in order to make the best decisions. Technology, energy transition, raw materials management, protection of biodiversity are on the spotlight.

The main mission of the Monaco Maritime Session was to implement knowledge of the representatives and introduce them to Monegasque institutions and Monaco's engagement in ocean protection as reaffirmed by the Maritime Affairs Directorate and the Maritime Police Division. ***


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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