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Sustainable Development and Nature Protection at the heart of diplomatic missions in the Principality.

The sustainable vocation and the concrete Governmental commitment to promote the ecological transition in the Principality and at international level is being affecting all social and economic levels. The most recent keynote speech by Isabelle Berro-Amadei, Government Advisor - Minister of External Relations and Cooperation, while presenting the annual wishes to the Diplomatic and Consular Corps in Monaco stressed the foundations leading the international relations among the Principality and the foreign representatives based on its territory. The event, held on the 23rd January 2024 at the Excelsior Lounge of the historic Hermitage Hotel, was meant to reinforce the mutual relationship with 157 Countries represented by 134 accredited embassies.


Isabelle Berro Amadei pointed out:

«Your role is essential to develop and strengthen a relationship based on of trust and friendship that exist among our countries. A friendship built through diversity, tolerance and dialogue. (...) The unwavering commitment of H.S.H. the Prince, highly oriented towards the protection of the environment and in particular the Ocean, vulnerable populations, health, sustainable development, and its commitment to respect for international law to ensure conditions of peace are at the heart of His foreign policy. We will once again be inspired (by Him) in carrying out our missions».


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing


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