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MŒA One-to-One Interviews: Manila Di Giovanni, Founder and CEO of -World, Metaverse Global Leader.

Updated: Feb 10

Photo >> Official announcement of The Monaco Metaverse and portrait of Manila Di Giovanni © DWorld

Augmented reality becomes real in Monaco! On the 16th March 2023, The Monaco Metaverse was launched by DWorld, innovative high-tech company "made in Monaco" by the will of Manila Di Giovanni, founder and CEO. This is the first virtual economy in augmented reality platform able to foresee a sustainable development of the urban space of Monaco. The project gives life to an advanced feature to explore the entire Monegasque territory under a completely new perspective. Major economic sectors are included in the Metaverse full immersion. Notably, retail, tourism, real estate, yachting, events and hospitality. Some media are also entering the new dimension and is pleased to be part of this pioneering group.

The Principality of Monaco is the first urban space which corresponds to a State to get into Metaverse. This new dimension of the Monaco will also enable it to predict future developments of its economic, social and environmental ecosystem.

But what does it mean to enter The Monaco Metaverse and what are the main advantages to join it? MONACŒCOART® asked directly to Manila Di Giovanni (MDG) at the launch of the platform.

Photo >> The Monte Carlo Casino Square & Hotel de Paris in The Monaco Metaverse © DWorld

MONACŒCOART®: Manila Di Giovanni, can you tell us in advance some of its strengths of this innovative augmented reality?

M.D.G..: Yes, the vision of DWorld , starting from the Principality of Monaco, is exactly to be able to integrate the future events that a city/town wants to carry on for its economic, social and environmental system. The Metaverse of a town, and in this case for a country like the Principality of Monaco, gives the opportunity to enjoy an out-and-out sandbox to better define future projects in order to give more efficiency to citizens and residents, to contribute to a positive impact, thus bringing digitized products and services that can be sold and advertised/represented in the Metaverse of the city. As for the environmental impact then, there will not be the need to test physical infrastructures but directly in a virtual manner so that CO2 emissions will be reduced. Today we have released the “alpha” version of our platform that includes the new eco-sustainable quarter “Mareterra” and we can state already that the strengths of these virtual spaces of the digital twin Principality of Monaco in Metaverse are an added social value, where people can socialize directly in these spaces even if they are not present in the Principality. Metaverse can show now, lively, the future and how Mareterra will be in 2025 (the end of works date) to the local and international firms that could be integrated in this new technological industry. On the contrary, at the moment the reality of Monaco Principality is so different with its blocks of concrete.

MONACŒCOART®: Which adjectives would you use to define Monaco project into Metaverse?

M.D.G..: Well, the three adjectives to define this project are: innovative, futuristic and sustainable.

Photo >> Hotel Hermitage in The Monaco Metaverse © DWorld

MONACŒCOART®: Who are the actors who can soon be part of the Principality of Monaco into Metaverse?

M.D.G..: One of them are you, MonacoEcoArt, but others have been part of the project from the beginning such as: Monte Carlo Hospitality Group, Automobili Estrema and we are going to add other new projects like UPaint and Pastor & Reiss.

Photo >> within Mareterra in The Monaco Metaverse © DWorld

MONACŒCOART®: Do you think that by reconsidering Monaco urban spaces in a sustainable way in the augmented reality could give a meaningful boost to the urban transformation of the real life being in tune with the mission of the energetic & digital transition underway? If yes, in what terms?

M.D.G..: Definitely yes… because the governmental entities can decide to involve their own residents and citizens in the decision-making process to create new infrastructures for the town and the country directly through Metaverse considering the development of more green spaces; besides the added value in terms of visualization of the country is generating a new virtual economy where the backbone is a block-chain implementing a pure proof of stake network with a neutral impact on the environment. Our goal is to allow all this since there is a lot of interest from other countries with which we are discussing also to improve the happiness level of their citizens so that they feel part of the creation of their own future through the Metaverse of their country. The Monaco Metaverse then is in line with both the mission of the digital transition and the energetic one, since Metaverse will help to reduce the waste of materials used to simulate and build new infrastructures or waste of raw materials used to test products. Even the CO2 emissions for travelling, attending conferences ad events will be reduced because the firms will have the same economic return, if not superior, through their digitation and the insertion of digitized products and services that can be integrated directly into the virtual twin of the Principality of Monaco. ***


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