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Riviera Electric Challenge 2022 thrilled the public between Riviera and Maritime Alps.

The greatest rally of electric cars was back on the road this week! Born on the footsteps of EVER MonacoEcologic Vehicles & Renewable Energies, the annual convention on sustainable mobility at its seventeenth celebration (April 2022), the 8th edition of the Riviera Electric Challenge “Cagnes For EVER”, was held on the 14th and on the 15th September 2022 rolling on an interregional itinerary including Monaco, France and Italy. That evokes also a land with common roots and united by a great mutual friendship. As in previous years, its main mission was to boost electric vehicles as usual private and public means of transport for communities or public authorities. Not by chance, the challenge rewards the team who manages to finish the route with less energy consumption. The two-day race, coordinated by the Automobile Club de Nice, the AC Ponente Ligure and the Mairie de Monaco (Monaco Municipality), started from Cagnes-sur-mer (France) to finish in Monaco in order to celebrate the cities that created the e-rally.

Photo >> Jacques Pastor and Fulvio Gazzola (1st classified) with Karyn Ardisson Salopek and Mélanie Flachaire (2nd classified) posing at the Riviera Electric Challenge 2022 awarding ceremony (Prince Palace's Square, 15th September 2022) - © Mairie de Monaco

The experience was as always unforgettable with convivial moments to discover the territory and its flavours. On the 15th September 2022, the awarding ceremony took place on the Prince Palace’s Square in the presence of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco followed by representatives of Monegasque institutions and municipalities of Cagnes-sur-mer and Dolceacqua (Monaco’s sister city). The team made of Jacques Pastor, Deputy Officer at Mairie de Monaco, and Fulvio Gazzola, Mayor of Dolceacqua, were ranked first at the wheel of a Kia Niro. The same team was also awarded the Automobile Club de Nice Prize after reaching the best performance compared to all other participants.

Photo >> Riviera Electric Challenge 2022 race course on the French Riviera and on the Italian Flowers' Riviera & official communication announcing the challenge - © Riviera Electric Challenge

The second place and the Women Award went to Karyn Ardisson Salopek, Deputy Officer at Mairie de Monaco, and Mélanie Flachaire, Municipal Councillor, on board a Renault Zoé sponsored by Monaco’s Municipality as well. A great result for the Monegasque Rock, to the delight of the Sovereign Prince. A victory that reaffirms the strong environmental commitment perfectly combined with the best sporting values in the best tradition of the Principality of Monaco. Looking forward to the next Challenge in 2023! ***

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By Maurice Abbati

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