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Pelagos Sanctuary is targeting young people to raise awareness on biodiversity and marine mammals.

Who are the creatures that populate the Pelagos Sanctuary? Why are they so important? How to preserve their survival? how to contribute to the preservation of this unique Mediterranean ecosystem? The Pelagos Agreement, the administrative body of the homonymous marine protected area, with the support of the Rotary Club de Monaco, has recently launched a novel set of educational devices addressed to young generations to raise awareness about the importance of protecting biodiversity and marine mammals. This may include two complementary tools allowing users to learn about cetaceans that inhabit the Sanctuary, their characteristics, their evolution and the threats they face, mainly caused by human activities.

Photo >> The graphic design introducing the education tools launched by © Pelagos Sanctuary

The new-generation users will be then able to become true ambassadors of the Pelagos-mammal-cause through a compelling virtual experience specially created for this purpose. The escape game offers an emotional experience that encourages young people to get involved in sea preservation. At the same time, the downloadable poster is meant to be a direct means of communication throughout a targeted distribution in schools located in Monaco, France and Italy, the countries involved in the Agreement.

Photo >> The hospitality cover page of the escape game launched by © Pelagos Sanctuary

Since 1990s, Monaco Rotary Club has been supporting the Pelagos Project that soon after developed in the related Pelagos Agreement under the guidance of H.S.H. Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Not by chance, this long-lasting partnership gave birth to the latest outcome aimed at reiterating the idea of sharing learning experiences to increase a common sense of eco-responsibility shared by the community.***

To know more about the new Pelagos Sanctuary educational devices and to access them please visit:


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