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Nature turns NFT thanks to the vital artistic touch of Fiona Tan.

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Can Art and New Technologies raise eco-awareness? A recent project shows how this combination can be extremely effective if you are open to innovation and have a bit of entrepreneurial spirit. Fiona Tan has developed skills and professionality which allow her to give life to an artistic creation in balance between reality and digital dimension with a spiritual, cultural and intellectual gaze. Benefiting from a solid Fine Art background and an international family legacy, she gained a worldwide reputation attending a series of relevant art shows in United States, Canada, Germany and South Africa. Her artistic production was acknowledged various recognitions, notably the 2021 Merck Finck & Co Private Bank Prize and the 2013 Futurum Award for her fondness in the digital technology use.

Thanks to the partnership between the Digital African Group, global ICT company focused on event management and public relations, and Karolina Blasiak, art advisor based in the Principality of Monaco, her most recent piece of art collection, ‘Seed of Light’ could be twinned in the Metaverse through a pioneering NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) collection. Her customized avatar was named ‘The New Light Monarch’. The name itself is not chosen by chance recalling the inspiring existence of Monarch butterflies whose annual migration from North America to Mexico “symbolise transformation, hope, strength while representing our own spiritual lives as well as the cycle of life and death”. These are the intentions of the artist herself.

A piece of art by Fiona Tan from her new collection "Seed of Light" - © Fiona Tan

Each of the 209 paintings shows a different plant in order to create a virtual garden where anyone can be logged into Nature and its purest essence. Each piece, processed as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), plays as a single element but creates something special if connected to others like the pieces of a great puzzle, metaphor of the ecosystem Earth. Colour and light nuances combine and mingle to put Nature and Oceans at the centre of our attention, setting aside anthropocentrism and boosting a renewed vision of thought as well as an unprecedented artistic perspective. The artist’s main mission is therefore to encourage people being more satisfied and peaceful at a time of global destabilization.

Photo >> Portrait of Fiona Tan

Creating is really mixing from different angles, I am able to have sensitivity to realize reality but from different levels which seems very complex but at the same time it allows me to express myself”, highlighted Fiona Tan in a recent interview by Cora Korimbocus, founder of Communication C, “There are a lot of obstacles in the world and for me it is very important to shine lights and to bring forth the true dimension of Beauty, something we are missing and we really need…Art brings peace and calm to my life”, she added.

A harmonious, symbolic and semiotic synergy that looks to the future with a new mood and an active mind.***

To know more about the project please visit:

By Maurice Abbati

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