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Monaco, France and Italy review developments in the Mediterranean Sea.

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Monaco is home to key bodies in the field of environmental protection with particular attention to the marine ecosystem. The RAMOGE Agreement is in the top list, governing intergovernmental cooperation between the French, Italian and Monegasque States since its creation in May 1976. On the 2nd February 2023, the 55th RAMOGE Commission meeting was held in Monaco, chaired by Isabelle Rosabrunetto, Director General of the Department of External Relations and Cooperation. The rendezvous-vous allowed all participants to stake stock of project management within the biennial 2021-2022 work programme.

Photo >> The 55th RAMOGE Commission (Monaco, 2nd February 2023) © DR

As a matter of fact, the activity of the agreement resumed after the forced break of the pandemic through various activities. A targeted exploration of deep coastal areas has been promoted through the use of an equipped vessel able to collect scientific data on marine conservation. The device was made available by the Italian Istituto Superiore per la protezione e e la Ricerca Ambientale - ISPRA (Institute for Environmental Protection and Research). The simulation of an anti-pollution operation by RAMOGEPOL, the operational arm of the Agreement, held off the coast of Imperia, increased preparedness in the event of ecological disasters at sea. The operation involved about fifteen aeronautical devices and drones. A further technical meeting among RAMOGE legal stakeholders debated on a closer cooperation between Member States in terms of the judiciary.

As for public engagement, the latest edition of the photography contest “RAMOGE – L'Homme et la Mer(RAMOGE, Man and the Sea) gathered more than 3,300 photos by about 600 photographers of sixty-five different nationalities. The outcome is still shown within an open-air exhibition at Saint Martin Gardens in Monaco Ville (until the 28th February 2023). With reference to the biennium 2023 -2024, currently ongoing, further initiatives have been planned. A specific focus group will be launched on the mitigation of the impacts of cruising and yachting in the footsteps the principles established by the RAMOGE Agreement. Extra media and broadcasting programmes will involve both the general public and school students. A set of videos grounded on exploration campaigns will aim at increasing knowledge about areas of high naturalistic interest. On the 24th March 2023, an in depth conference will talk about some emblematic species (e.g.: corb, grouper, pinna nobilis, ferruginous patella, cystoseire) which are subject to specific monitoring by the Agreement.

Photo >> The 55th RAMOGE Commission meeting chaired by Isabelle Rosabrunetto, Director General of the Department of External Relations and Cooperation (Monaco, 2nd February 2023) © DR

At the end of the 55th RAMOGE Commission meeting, Isabelle Rosabrunetto, President of the Commission, paid tribute to Anne Vissio, the outgoing Executive Secretary of the Agreement, and appointed H.E. Laurent Stefanini, Ambassador of France to Monaco, as President for the new biennium. Pierre Bouchet, member of the Monegasque delegation, took the Chair of the Technical Committee, succeeding Tiziana Chieruzzi, part of the Italian delegation. ***

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By Maurice Abbati

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