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Monaco and Saint Barthélemy Chambers of Commerce moving even closer to boost sustainable economy.

It is one of the most popular glamorous destinations of the Caribbean. Saint Barthélemy, the most popular French-speaking Caribbean island, nicknamed as Saint Barts, is not only famous for the white beaches and cool shops. This iconic venue has been consolidating an increasingly solid bond with Monaco, sharing common values. The recent visit to the Principality of Thomas and Thierry Greaux, President and General Manager of the Chambre Economique Multiprofessionnelle (CEM) of Saint Barthélemy (Multiprofessional Economic Chamber of Saint Barthélemy) wanted to strengthen the friendship between the two countries. The visit, held from the 24th until the 28th April, met the Monaco's representatives of Directorates of Tourism and Congress, Urban Planning and Mobility, Environment and the Economic Development. Meanwhile, a series of visits to key companies of the Principality has been planned under the umbrella of a Monaco Economic Board (MEB).

Photo >> Official visit of Thomas and Thierry Greaux to the Principality within the Monaco Economic Board © Direction de la Communication – Frédéric Nebinger

Sustainable Tourism, Mobility and Environment were the core topics of the meeting. The CEM, in fact, was conceived in 2007 and founded in 2008 as a public territorial body to represent the interests of trade and industry, services, handicraft, agriculture and the liberal professions. Then, it contributes to the creation of new business, allowing local residents to increase their professional skills. Gathering the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Trades and Crafts and the Chamber of Agriculture in a single institution makes CEM a unique authority on the French territory (Note: Saint Barts belongs to the Overseas Collectivity of France).

Justin Highman, Deputy CEO at Monaco Economic Board welcomed the delegation, showcasing main assets and projects to further develop the territorial economy of the Principality. Special focus was given to promising synergies between Monaco and Saint Barthélemy in Yachting and Blue Tech (= science-based technology to improve blue economy and investments aimed at preserving marine biodiversity in using ocean resources).


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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