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Mission (Im)Possible: Rémi Camus achieved his goal swimming across the sea between Calvi and Monaco.

He spent fourteen days in the open sea being able to rely on the sole forces of his arms and legs while swimming eight hours per day, following a diet of dried products and on-site desalinated water, embarked on a special platform specifically designed for him. He has covered a stretch of sea not particularly easy to face alone, equal to a distance of 180 km, starting from Calvi (extreme northern point of Corsica). Finally, Rémi Camus, French professional adventurer and explorer, on the 20th June 2023 landed in the Monegasque region facing the last marine miles between Roquebrune and the Larvotto Beach in Monaco. A winning happy ending to celebrate his 37 years old, after a series of attempts started about one year ago, as reported by MONACŒCOART®.

Photo >> Rémi Camus resting on the platform between one swimming section and another in the open sea © Barouder - William Gicquel

Accustomed to extreme challenges worldwide and relying on a hard workout started twelve years ago, he usually considers his win-win outcome as a result of 70% preparation and 30% of unforeseen. During the challenge, Rémi and the team following him at a distance to check his health status and further assistance, have not had an easy life with a rather unpredictable sea. But the efforts spent were conducted with the aim of pursuing a precise environmental objective. That is testing the health status of the northern Mediterranean basin, an area that hosts many emblematic marine species including cetaceans.

Photo >> Rémi Camus and and all the equipment needed for the challenge © Laura Galliano

As witnessed by the swimming explorer, he met whales, dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, jellyfishes, he overcome storms and strong sea streams that forced him to spend more time than expected. At the same time, he also bumped into an incredible amount of plastic waste coming from all directions.

Photo >> Rémi Camus welcome by Robert Calcagno, CEO of the Oceanographic Institute Foundation Albert I, Prince of Monaco © Musée Océanographique

Rémi Camus, has again hit the edge as a positive example of tenacity, environmental commitment and determination to achieve the goal without ever losing its more human side. It remains only to wait for his next challenge where environmental protection will be at the heart of his mission.


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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