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MŒA One-to-One Interviews at SPORTEL Awards: Julien Pierre, President and Founder of Fair Play for Planet.

Updated: Feb 11

Julien Pierre (J.P.), Former Professional XV Rugby player. Among his twenty-seven international appearances with the French National Team, he attended the 2011 Rugby World Cup. More recently, he founded Fair Play for Planet who directs ad Chief Executive Officer. This innovative organization issues green labels to clubs that want to limit their impact on the environment.

Photo >> Julien Pierre attending SPORTEL Awards 2022 © Maurice Abbati MOEA



MONACŒCOART®: Julien Pierre, after a career as a professional sportsman, you fully embraced the cause of the Environment, including climate change… where does your eco-sensibility comes from?

J.P.: My sensitivity towards the environment was born during my sporting career when I started a foundation focused on biodiversity. All that is rooted in my parents who managed a family-owned zoo park for many years. I had been spending a long time in direct contact with animals and my parents often told me about endangered species encouraging me to build a close link between my sport, the rugby, and Environmental Protection and Sustainability. I do believe that professional sport needs to lead by example having more responsibility than other fields / sectors due to their multiplier impacts on the environment and social aspects. Of course, each discipline has its own characteristic. So, we need to do more in several respects including transport which usually represents from 80% up to 90% of sporting-event total impact.

Photo >> Fair Play for Planet website cover page © FPFP

MONACŒCOART®: You also created a label Fair Play for Planet - FPFP applied to the world of sport that offers a global approach to the fight against global warming, what is it? Can you explain to us what objectives you have already achieved and the ones you would like to expect?

J.P.: When I ended my sport career I started again to study and I conceived this new label that is addressed to play as an added value for both sport facilities and events. It allows every sports club to raise their reputation, being aware of the actions they have already put in place as well as creating new actions to be implemented. The environmental performances are verified through audits and a dedicated service of some years. I started with professional rugby clubs I already knew and then move on to other realities. Notably the Olympique Lyonnais rugby club and Brest Women club just to name a few.

MONACŒCOART®: What do you like most of Fair Play for Planet?

J.P.: In creating Fair Play For Planet, I chose to be an actor of change and to take with me all those who find themselves in this fight. Our daily involvement is concrete and effective, it changes the behaviour of both organizations and individuals.

MONACŒCOART®: Do you think that sport media and sportspeople intervention through social media can really encourage environmentally friendly actions?

J.P.: Yes, definitely they can. The influence on public opinion is huge. Sport champions, in particular, are capable to convey various messages at the same time. What is essential is to be always consistent with what you say, by implementing as many virtuous behaviours as possible to be fully eco-responsible. ***


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By Maurice Abbati

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