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Green messages naturally spread throughout the world via Street Painting at Larvotto Promenade.

You Come, You See, You Paint. These are the key words of UPAINT Monaco 2023, the most popular Street Art festival by the will of Alberto Colman who proudly founded this unique live event increasingly environmentally friendly. Every year common themes are being focusing on major contemporary social, economic and environmental issues, developed through artistic creativity in a few days to catch amazingly the eyes of the passersby. Not just graffiti but authentic works of art to be codified through the universal language of emotions. « The core idea of UPAINT is to travel around the world where street art does not need to be recognised or supported, with the aim of enhancing the wonder of artists' creativity thus putting local communities under the spotlight », pointed out the founder of UPAINT.

Photo >> A selection of the most impactful works of Street Art presented for the 2023 edition of UPAINT (Larvotto Promenade, 7th June 2023) © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt

Being in contact with the public often allows you to use the same language. Georges Marsan, Mayor of Monaco, highlighted: «The popularity of this urban art form has been increased its popularity over the past twenty years. It is therefore with great pleasure that the Mairie of Monaco supports this event. Raising public awareness about environmental protection is one of our priorities and art is a precious tool addresed to a large audience ». Thus, UPAINT Monaco hits the edge of Monaco's sustainable vision. Guy Antognelli, Director of Tourism and Congresses at the Government Monaco: stressed: « This event spreads a message perfectly in line with Monaco's strong commitment to nature conservation ».

Photo >> H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco welcomed by Alberto Colman and the artists (Larvotto Promenade, 7th June 2023) © UPAINT Monaco

As in previous editions, many of the international participants wanted to deepen the concept of Sustainability, proposing results of great impact. MONACŒCOART® collected some feedbacks live within the final ceremony before the auction for the full benefit of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

Photo >> The British artst Woskerski introducing to his work of Street Art (Larvotto Promenade, 7th June 2023) © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt

Woskerski, well-known British artist fond of street art, beaux arts and graffiti cleverly mixed up, gave life to an attractive three-level painting. Sunny Side Up, Traveller and Give/Take have allowed visitors to freely elaborate their own idea on the three themes, only seemingly separate from each other. « I am really exited about recover the various interpretations from visitors. It is often surprising to me since their point of view is often not what I intended but really inspiring. All these pieces are exploring human nature. It is about selfishness and selflessness and the healthy balance between them are essential in life. So they seem opposite but there are one. The egg, then, is a very familiar object that you can associate with new life sending good vibes and sunshine. Something extremely appreciated. Finally, the ostrich in close up leaves its warm habitat for a colder environment bright orange cap turning him from a shy animal to a very visible living being. Just telling everybody - I am here! - he is not afraid of being himself» , the artist pointed out.

Photo >> "Up to Us" by Iena Cruz (Larvotto Promenade, 7th June 2023) © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt

Iena Cruz, stage name for Federico Massa, originally from Milan but naturalised New Yorker, went straight to the point in representing the clash between the harmony of nature and the devastating impacts of human activity. "Up to Us" depicted a floating whale in the clouds produced by industrial chimneys that makes the poor mammal to break literally in two parts, still linked by the thin branches of a climbing plant. A particularly significant image of the vulnerability of nature that nevertheless deploys all its strength to resist the attacks of human. The colourful stylised mandala, characteristic element of the artist, still seems to give hope for the future, making its way through the clouds.

Photo >> The work of Street Art by the Norwegian artist Hama Woods (Larvotto Promenade, 7th June 2023) © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt

Hama Woods, nature-lover artist from Oslo (Norway), reaffirmed her sociological reflection on the beauty of Nature that must fight victoriously against the human ruthless consumerism. In both paintings, Wild Bird Fly and Crack in a Stone majesty of some symbolic endangered species like like the toucan or the red panda are incorporated in a layout made of colours and ancestral geometries for a great choreographic result. The threads of the balances are in our hands ...we therefore have a great responsibility to prevent the cancellation of biodiversity.

Photo >> The One Truth Dogs by One Truth brothers Pase & Dr. Drax from Switzerland (Larvotto Promenade, 7th June 2023) © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt

The paramount One Truth, Pase and Dr. Drax brothers from Switzerland, offered an extraordinary dual artistic creation, The Royal Dogs 1 & 2, animated by a patchwork of their famous dogs depicted in all forms and poses to form two big dogs incorporating the others, that could represent the effectiveness of working in team for a better society. An ironic interpretation that hit the mark between human visitors and their pets although the work was "forbidden to dogs". The two brothers highlighted: « We are willing to emphasise the symbolism of friendship linked to our popular One Truth Dogs who are loyal to human beings. So, we made our best four-legged friends the protagonists of the Street Art ».

Photo >> "Like Sardine I & II" by the French artist STOM 500 (Larvotto Promenade, 7th June 2023) © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt

STOM 500, humorist and eclectic artist from France, stressed the excessive use of natural resources by human beings, with particular reference to overfishing. A huge cartoonised tropical fish turns directly into a can of sardines to his own amazement, sourrounded by floating jellyfishes. Not by chance the work was entitled "Like Sardine I & II".

Photo >> "Offline is a New Luxury" by the Swiss artist Rylsee (Larvotto Promenade, 7th June 2023) © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt

Rylsee, well established Swiss artist based in Berlin, has given great proof of his extraordinary graphic skills by sending a clear message "Offline is a New Luxury" an ode to disconnect from the digital world to find themselves in the human essence and in the contact with Nature. « What’s more luxurious than being able to say - I detach from the rest, doing what I like the most?! I wanted to reiterate the concept through three graphic representations that are distinguished by various details as showing he public the evolution of the work itself before reaching the final result.

Photo >> "Porcelain Elephant" by the Spanish artist Mon Devane (Larvotto Promenade, 7th June 2023) © Maurice Abbati MonacoEcoArt

Mon Devane, artist from Spain, showed great skills in depicting two "animalier" objects, "Porcelain Elephant" and "Porcelain Rhino" by creating the brightness and translucent effect of the porcelain while sending meaningful messages to push the audience to take action for the safeguarding of Planet Earth and wildlife. ***


By Maurice Abbati

Springer International Publishing

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