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FPA2 reaffirmed its commitment to the environmental cause in Reggio Calabria and Singapore.

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Since its establishment, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2) has been deeply involved on promoting the protection of planet's ecosystems by fostering significant local actions with the aim to implement the Planetary Health. His commitment is constant also developing through exclusive events with the aim of collecting funds for a good cause.

A romantic night for Nature Preservation in Reggio Calabria.

On the 7th November 2022, the Italian branch of FPA2, the Fondazione Principe Alberto II di Monaco, organised a special gala dinner in an iconic Mediterranean coastal location in Reggio Calabria (Southern Italy) overlooking the Strait of Messina. A parade of distinguished guests and business leaders came together for the occasion to support the Prince's Foundation mission in the presence of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. In His speech, He pointed out the urgency to carry on climate actions thanks to a closer coordination among scientists, international organisations and the economic, political, and civil society. That is the winning path to find ethical and sustainable solutions.

Photo >> H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco attending the FPA2 Gala dinners in Reggio Calabria and Singapore) © Gaëtan Luci/Palais Princier de Monaco FPA2

The Sovereign Prince also expressed his closeness to the Italian population, recalling the importance of safeguarding the environment and the natural wonders of Aspromonte (mountain natural sanctuary of Calabria Region) through the coordination of all the actors of the territory towards a more sustainable way of living, as reaffirmed during the interview by RAI (Italian national broadcasting).

Photo >> Keynote speech by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco (Reggio Calabria, 7th November 2022) © Gaëtan Luci/Palais Princier de Monaco

Within the unique reception animated by a talented local artist, Gigi Miseferi, an introductory promotional video about FPA2 initiatives around the world was projected followed by a keynote speech by Marco Colasanti, President of the Italian side of the Foundation, as well as Paolo Brunetti, Mayor of Reggio Calabria. The Italian singer and songwriter, Fabio Concato, who witnessed his attachment to the environmental cause through his stylish vocal and musical notes, paying tribute to Prince Albert II of Monaco for His eco-commitment. All proceeds from the auction will benefit the Foundation’s projects and initiatives aimed at fighting against the climate change and desertification, the safeguarding of biodiversity and the due managing of water resources.

Photo >> Fabio Concato, famous Italian singer and songwriter, performing at the FPA2 dinner gala (Reggio Calabria, 7th November 2022) © Gaëtan Luci/Palais Princier de Monaco

A fancy night for the Oceans in Singapore.

On Friday the 28th October 2022, more than 600 guests gathered at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore to the join the 14th edition of Ball in Monaco an outstanding Gala dinner to pursue the protection of Oceans ecosystems. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2), patron of the event launched a dedicated fundraising. The Sovereign Prince attended the 'soirée' welcoming H.E. Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, who intervened as guest of honour. In His keynote speech, His Excellency recalled the bonds of friendship and collaboration between Singapore and the Principality and thanked the Sovereign Prince for His commitment in safeguarding natural environments as well as Jacky Deromedi, president of FPA2's Asiatic branch for planning such an eco-engaging meeting. It is time to act and each of us can play our part as reaffirmed by Paul Town, Chief Operating Officer at Marina Bay Sands, and Jean-Marc Deromedi, Honorary Consul of Monaco in Singapore.

Photo >> H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco attending the Ball in Monaco in Singapore (Marina Bay Sands, 28th October 2022) © FPA2

Hossan Leong, Singaporean star of musicals, performed her show full of humorous elegance. All guests could test an immersive experience as if they were plunged in the ocean thanks to ad advanced setting design by ADSTORIA. The Singapore Ballet has admirably animated a scenography inspired by the emblematic ocean species. The most glamorous touch was given by Anne Fontaine, French stylist who came from Paris to reinforce her commitment for a responsible fashion. Also the menu specially conceived for the occasion by the 3-star chef, Daniel Boulud, was environmentally friendly inspired by the oceans. The auction was a real success reaching $2.3 Singapore million through a set of valuable jewellery (e.g.: Faidee rubies, ring by Alberto Vitale) and watches (e.g.: FP Journe chronometer) items as well as, complimentary accesses to luxury hotel resorts haute couture clothes and pieces of art, notably by Marcos Marin and other artists.

Photo >> Fashion show at the Ball in Monaco in Singapore (Marina Bay Sands, 28th October 2022) © FPA2

Elvira Byrnes, artist from Australia who attended the 2020 art3f in Monaco, offered a series of special works of art designed for the starry reception. The artist highlighted: "I had paintings in Singapore, left before the pandemic within my major exhibition. Then, thought that maybe they could do some work for the Foundation. I wrote to the Sovereign Prince offering the four paintings to His cause and He kindly accepted them. And voila! They raised SG $8,000. I am very happy about it since I love nature, I am a nature painter. The mission of the Prince Albert II of Monaco is close to my heart being from Australia and a beach&ocean lover".

Photo >> Elvira Byrnes posing besides her pieces of art at the Ball in Monaco (Marina Bay Sands, 28th October 2022) © Elvira Byrnes


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By Maurice Abbati

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Ilvana Mirto
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