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Blue Economy in the spotlight within the 2023 Monaco Ocean Week.

The Principality of Monaco turns back into an international hub in support of the blue cause, that is finding the best social, economic and environmental ways to protect the oceans, to which the very survival of Planet Earth is linked. Within the ongoing Monaco Ocean Week (from the 2oth until the 26th March 2023), the Blue Economy Round Table, that will be held on the 22nd March both at the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) and at the Yacht Club de Monaco, will focus on a prior economic theme: the global overfishing phenomenon. The event organised by the Centre Scientifique de Monaco and the MERI Foundation will report the latest trends and technical data related to the Blue Economy.

Photo >> Official poster of the event by © Centre Scientifique de Monaco and © Fondation MERI

Oceans contribute 90% to global climate mitigation, provide 15% of the global animal protein consumption, produce over half of the global oxygen while absorbing 1/3 of anthropic CO2. The coastal ecosystems helps being resilient in case of extreme climate events. The use of marine resources must therefore be sustainable by enabling marine ecosystems to maintain their natural balance and to help implement local economies.

Blue Economy, in fact, represents the 7th largest GDP if we consider all oceans as one global state. It includes more than 13 pivotal sectors allowing decent living conditions for more than 820 million people worldwide. A new fully-sustainable approach is needed to guarantee a future for the oceans and our survival.

This panel will gather scientists, the private sector (industry and finance), decision-makers and technical governmental bodies to analyse in detail global commercial fisheries closely linked to food security and fish carbon protection.

The final roundtable will unveil the outcome from various groups of the Technical Commission in charge of drafting the final report that will be presented at COP28 and COP16, focused on Biodiversity. Each group will also work on a peer-reviewed technical article to develop the issue: "fish carbon vs fish for food security". ***


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